Continuing Professional Development

At Sesame Access we are dedicated to continually improving our lifts at every stage, from improving a single button on the control post to re-designing the scissor lift to minimise space, whilst always ensuring we never sacrifice reliability, efficiency or functionality. As a result our lifts are continually changing and evolving to suit the growing challenges in the market and the ever increasing desire for seamless and fluent disabled access.

We like to keep clients up to date with our latest developments and achievements, and so offer CPD's for any clients and potential clients to show how we can help improve accessibility in Listed and modern buildings alike.

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“Access to listed buildings should be provided in ways that avoid removing those features of a building that contribute to its significance, and thus to its listing”

“Equality Act code of practice recommends that service providers should start by considering whether the physical feature which creates a barrier can be removed or altered”

“The aim should be to make a building’s main entrance accessible to everyone on a permanent basis”

Previous Clients

"The best solution we’ve seen for stepped access, particularly in existing buildings."

“Amazing product”

“An excellent innovative product which could solve tricky problems with a current project.”

“Brilliant presentation. Excellent product.”

Wheelie Big Challenge Blog

If you would like to enquire about a Sesame CPD, please fill out the necessary details below. We can also post or email information including our Brochure and Information Pack for further details about the work we do.

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Wheelie Big Challenge Blog
Wheelie Big Challenge Blog