Lifts With Stairs

Platform-Only-LiftsMinimum-Pit-Depth button

Cambridge Stairlift

Cambridge Stairlift 1008

– Similar to the Whitehall Stairlift, replacing the barriers with gates

Kensington Stairlift

Kensington Stairlift 1059

– System with no upper or lower barriers. Platform and WheelStop only

Knightsbridge Stairlift

Knightsbridge Stairlift 1044

– System includes an upper riding barrier and a rising button post on the lift itself, that sits flush with the finish floor level when the lift is at rest

Mayfair Stairlift

Mayfair Stairlift 1061

– System includes a rising barrier on the upper landing

Oxford Stairlift

Oxford Stairlift 006I

– Similar to the Knightsbridge Stairlift, replacing the upper barrier with a gate

Regent Stairlift

Regent Stairlift 1032

– System includes an upper gate

Westminster Stairlift

Westminster Stairlift 1048

– System includes an upper rising barrier and 3 rising barriers on the lift platform

Whitehall Stairlift

Whitehall Stairlift 1062

– System includes an upper rising barrier and 1 rising barrier on the lift platform. Handrails also adorn each side of the platform, rising and lowering with the lift

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