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Wheelchair Access in Different Locations

Sesame Access is currently providing convenient, unobtrusive internal and external wheelchair access in thousands of buildings around the UK and beyond. Our patented wheelchair lift is suitable for use in all types of building, from private residences to places of worship, commercial hubs to civil buildings.

Wheelchair Access Private Residences

argyle street

The Sesame low-rise stair lift for domestic properties is an entrance level lift with short step, one-rise access. Our DWELL system includes many of the features that make our Sesame commercial platform lifts so popular with users, from our unique cladding which allows the lift to blend and integrate with its surroundings, to the economical construction of the lift which doesn’t use masses of space. We offer front door lifts which allow for easy access from a driveway, porch or patio, up to the ground floor level of a house, all designed with the user in mind. Safety and security are obviously both highly important aspects – all of our lifts have been rigorously tested, and can withstand the weight of a car being driven across them. A wireless fob offers ultimate functionality and ease of use, with a simple up/down button that puts the user in control.

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Wheelchair Platform Lifts For Public Buildings

Modern DDA Building

With previous clients including the BBC and Apple, Sesame Access have the industry experience and the know-how to provide cutting-edge disabled access systems to the world’s biggest brands. The roster of public buildings that boast Sesame solutions include some of the most architecturally interesting spaces in the country, and we have been installing these high-end systems for more than twenty years. Sesame wheelchair platform are more aesthetically pleasing than many other wheelchair ramps used in public buildings, which can be unsightly and take up a huge amount of space. Our experienced design and installation team can tailor a wheelchair access system to your specific needs and clad our unique retracting steps and wheelchair lifts in the same material as your existing approaches, for a seamless interior or exterior solution.

With two rise heights and a choice of control options, why not speak to a member of our team about installing a Sesame system at your place of work?

Platform Lifts for Listed Buildings

listedA growing number of civil buildings are choosing Sesame Access to serve all of their stair lift and disabled access needs, thanks to our unique ability to combine cutting-edge engineering with beautiful cladding that will look at home in the most traditional environment. Ideal for places of worship, heritage buildings, museums and other venues, the Sesame platform lift is available in a choice of rises, and when not in use, is invisible to all observers. We believe in maintaining the integrity of a building whilst promoting ease of access for all.

Take a look at our Case Studies page for more information about the listed buildings we have worked on, or contact us to find out more.

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