Find out more about our standard service contracts for our vast range of platform lifts, wheelchair lifts and retracting stair installations.

At Sesame Access, we offer a range of service contract options for each of our platform lifts, guaranteeing that your lit will be services and maintained by the very best engineers – the crème de la crème of disabled platform lift builders – the very people who built your lift in the first place. We highly recommend that Sesame lifts are serviced by Sesame engineers due to their bespoke nature.

Please note that we do not service shaft elevators or escalators – we know the manufacturers could do a much better job! We stick to what we excel in – keeping our custom wheelchair lifts in prime condition. Take a look at our service options:

Standard Service Contract:

Our standard service offers a callout period of working hours during the working week (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm), excluding public holidays. This level of service includes two annual services at six monthly intervals – the minimum that we recommend for a Sesame system. There services will take place in standard callout ties for this service package.

Standards of Response:

Enhanced Service Contract:

The enhanced service includes the standard callout hours stated above, with the inclusion of Saturdays and public holidays. This contract will include three annual services at six monthly intervals to ensure your lift is in great working order for longer.

Standards of Response:

Total Service Contract:

This is our premium service contract, ideal for locations with high visitor volumes and the constant need for disabled access. Our callout period covers seventeen hours per day, seven days a week, including all public holidays. There will be four annual services at six month intervals, and these services will take place on a working day during working hours. With this package there is also an out-of-hours service add-on, for venues that need 24/7 access to a specialist engineer.

Standards of Response:

What Does A Service Entail?

By default, each service will include the following tasks:

Callouts and services are available outside of a service contract, if preferred.

If you have any questions about your Sesame system or would like to discuss the aforementioned information with us, please give us a call on 01784 440088, or head to our Contact page and fill out the form.