Platform Lifts

Wheelchair Lift

Sesame Access platform lifts are completely bespoke to their location

Our Sesame wheelchair platform lifts provide an unrivalled transition between floors of up to 3000mm. Stable, smooth and stylish, it is designed to blend seamlessly into its surroundings and is available in two standard formats – one developed with a rise below 1000mm, and the second tailored to rises above 1000mm. Each individual solution has the end user’s experience at its heart, with ease of operation, safety and comfort the hallmark of both type of lift.

The disabled platform lift can be clad in a choice of materials, from carpet to marble, and all floor coverings in between. A base plate tray with a 3mm stainless steel trim enclosure is provided, making for exceptionally easy cladding by the flooring team.

Platform Wheelchair Lift Controls

We understand that different people and properties will call for different solutions when it comes to controlling a lift, so we have developed five standard control set-up solutions. All buttons are ‘press and hold’ as standard in order to give the user complete control over the platform motion. An alternative ‘one press’ option is also available. The standard control buttons are ‘up’, ‘down’ and ‘emergency stop’.

For the two-step Sesame systems with a rise no more than 300mm, we can embed one button station into the surrounding wall 1100mm from ground level. When the lift has risen, the controls will be situated 800mm above the platform level, conforming to Part M Building Regulations. This option permanently places one button station plate on show.

For Sesame wheelchair lift systems with a rise of up to 1000mm, a permanent button post can be fixed onto the platform lift itself, ensuring that it is permanently visible to the user. We understand that many of our clients, especially in commercial and public locations, will be looking for a highly discreet alternative. For lifts with a rise up to 1000mm, we can install a rising button post, which automatically rises through the lifting platform when the stairs retract. The control post remains subtly hidden away below the lifting platform when the stairs are extended, appearing only when it is needed for use by a wheelchair user.

Lastly, for the Sesame systems which have a rise over 1000mm, the button station is designed into the handrail, which is fixed to the lifting platform. The client may then opt for a trained member of staff to control the platform from an alternative position. This option removes the opportunity for users to independently enter and leave the building, and should only be used when there is always someone on hand to provide assistance.

Some Examples

platform with upper gate
platform with upper barrier and 3 on lift barriers | | click