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This access lift was installed into an office block in Richmond to provide disabled access for their workers and visitors. The choice of a Waterloo access lift meant a platform would be flush against the lower landing on the driveway of the office block when not in use. When the access lift is in use the platform would bring the wheelchair user up to the main entrance of the office block, to enable them to proceed into the building.

Waterloo Lift In Richmond, Kew Foot Road.

This Sesame Waterloo access lift has an automatic gate at the upper landing level and a rising platform that sits flush with lower landing when not in use. This access Lift uses our wheelstop mechanism, solid stainless steel toe guard that rises around the platform to prevent wheelchair wheels from rolling off the lift. The access lift table can be made to accept any cladding material, the thicker the cladding the deeper the pit depth. Nominal Platform dimensions for this lift can vary due to site requirements. However they are more than or equal to 1400mm (l) x 900mm (w) x 0-999mm (h). The Waterloo Lift has an automatic gate at the upper landing to protect the fall hazard. The access lift can come with either bellows to reduce the pit depth or a solid stainless steel skirt below the lift.

Video of the access lift in action


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