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We installed a mobility lift into a building on Molesworth Street in Dublin. This building needed to ensure that it had access for everyone and therefore by providing a mobility lift on the external entrance it provides ease of access for all visitors. The lift that was used was a Knightsbridge mobility lift. The Knightsbridge Stairlift is a set of horizontally retracting stairs with an upper landing rising barrier, and a rising button post on the platform. The button post isn’t visible when the mobility lift isn’t up, therefore it’s almost impossible to see that there’s anything other than stairs there.

The Knightsbridge mobility lift uses our wheel stop mechanism. A Solid stainless-steel toe guard that rises around the platform to prevent wheelchair wheels from rolling off the stairlift. The lift table can be made to accept any cladding material, the thicker the cladding the deeper the pit depth. The lift platform houses a rising button post that rises when the stairs have retracted. This gives the user something to hold onto when travelling on the mobility lift and independent control. At the end of the cycle the button post lowers before the stairs extend so it is completely hidden when the lift is not in use. Nominal Platform dimensions for this lift can very due to site requirements. However, they are more than or equal to, 1405mm (L) x 1100mm (W) 0 – 999mm (H). The Knightsbridge Stairlift can accommodate up to 7 stairs, or a total rise of 999mm. The width of the stairs must match the minimum width of the lift but can be increased to the clients and/or the sites specifications. The Knightsbridge Stairlift has an automatic rising barrier at the upper landing to protect the fall hazard that is created when the stairs retract. It is for seated users only as the wheel stop protects wheelchairs from rolling off, not standing users. The Knightsbridge Stairlift can come with either bellows to reduce the pit depth, or a solid stainless-steel skirt below the lift. When using the bellows, the width of the lift increases.


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