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The lift industry has always been a ground-breaking and fascinating sector where technical advancements and intriguing designs are in high demand. Ever since Peter Cooper built the first passenger lift in 1857 and proved that it can be made user friendly, the idea took off all around the world and passenger lifts started appearing in office blocks, hotels, museums and so on.

This provided some much needed competition for the stairlift companies who set out to convince people that their products could drastically improve the ability for people to move around premises with greater ease. Ultimately, OTIS were the most successful at convincing the general public and cementing their status as one of the most formidable stairlift companies. As technology improved continuously throughout the 21st century, we have come to expect the same in the lifts that we use.

However, stairlift companies have found it tricky to adapt their products to perform a greater variety of tasks, which is unsurprising given the constraints of installing a lift into a fixed location. Once the lift is fixed in place, it can be an impossible feat to raise or lower the platform for the convenience of wheelchair users

We found the solution!

Disabled access has become more important than ever before given the rising number of people using wheelchairs. What is needed is a lift that can be tailored for the user’s convenience, which is exactly what Sesame Access offers with their wheelchair lifts.

As one of the most experienced and creative stairlift companies around, Sesame Access design, build and install lifts that combine the best features of platform lifts and staircases, complete with movable stairs that can retracting “into” the wall and reveal a concealed lift platform. We make a point of working with each client so that the resultant lift is the correct width, height and breadth for their location and proves an elegant alternative to a dour, featureless flight of steps.

Westminster Equality Act Stairlift embedded into Knock Basilica Stage

The People's Lift embedded into an individuals home

As such, the client can specify what additional features he would like and how to clad it so that it can blend into the surroundings and look stylish. We use these details to come up with a comprehensive quote that lays out exactly what is included.

We have successfully installed our products in all types of buildings from schools and museums to people’s homes and even listed buildings since our lifts makes it easier for wheelchair users to enter these sites without any need for assistance in climbing a long flight of steps. This is helped by the fact that British Heritage has stated that our lifts enhance the reputation of their Grade I and Grade II buildings without ruining or detracting from the period décor.

Listed buildings with our lifts in

As with all professional stairlift companies, we insist on buying the best stainless steel materials to make our products and source from a variety of reputable companies. When you combine this with our team of specialist engineers who take pride in the work that they do you can be sure of getting a top notch product that will impress visitors and can last for a long time.

Photo of the team members at Sesame Access


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