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Sesame Access are not only a disabled access lift manufacturer but we are also advocates for an accessible and inclusive society. We create products which change peoples lives and ensure they can access the buildings and places they WANT to go to and not just because it is accessible.

The news stories below demonstrate the struggles and obstacles the disability community face everyday. Raising awareness is essential to combat the issues and make a change. Educating society on these problems is the least we can do and implementing products which benefit the lives of wheelchair users is our passion.

21st-27th June

Ladybower reservoir launches new Wheelyboat to improve disabled access for angling and leisure trips

Disabled people across Derbyshire can now enjoy easier access to angling, power and pleasure boating on the Ladybower reservoir following the launch of a second specially designed boat which is available to hire

Every Wheelyboat has roll-on, roll-off access, an open and level cockpit and their drive-from-wheelchair helms enable anyone in a wheelchair to board easily, move around safely, and drive it too.

Fisheries accessibility coordinator Troy Chadwick said: “Since the launch of our first Wheelyboat in 2016 we have realised that there was a massive demand for people with disabilities who wanted to learn how to fish or continue fishing after a life changing event.

“Boating is one of the very few sports in which able-bodied people and people with seen and unseen disabilities can participate on equal terms, which is something we celebrate at Ladybower.”

He added: “Our new Coulam V17 has been named ‘the Gov’ after our late friend and supporter, the dearly missed Alisdair Duncan from Orvis Bakewell. It will make a fantastic addition to our growing fleet of accessible boats used at Ladybower to make accessible fishing available to everyone.”

Charity director Andy Beadsley said: “Our aim is to encourage anyone with a mobility, learning or sensory impairment to be able to enjoy being out on the water independently, whether that’s to fish or pleasure boat, something that is incredibly difficult for wheelchair users.

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Housebuilders Are Failing Disabled Homebuyers by Cutting Corners on Disabled Access

The latest research from new build snagging company, HouseScan, has found that not only is the number of new build homes being delivered to market with disabled access expected to fall throughout the next decade, but the ones that are being delivered are also unfit for purpose as housebuilders cut corners to maximise profits.

There are approximately 14.1m people living with a disability across the UK, around 21% of the total population. It’s thought that around 7.9m of these are working adults who face a tougher financial task when it comes to saving for a property, as living with a disability comes at an additional cost of £583 on average each month compared to those living without.

In addition to the tougher financial task, new build homebuyers with a disability also face a lower level of housing stock to choose from.

Not only has Covid caused new build housing delivery to fall by 45% per year, but research shows that over the next decade (2020-2030), the proportion of those new build homes built to accessible standards is predicted to fall from 34.4% to 31.5%.

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