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1st-7th November

Plume Academy celebrates 'superpowers' for ADHD Awareness Month

A SCHOOL launched a project celebrating the "superpowers" of its neurodiverse students and those with disabilities.

This year Maldon's Plume Academy staff and students launched a exciting project in support of ADHD Awareness Month.

Hannah Wells, Plume's Deputy SENCO, said: "ADHD Awareness Month seeks to highlight the positives of neurodiversity - meaning that all of our brains function slightly differently, and this is what makes us brilliant and unique.

"Neurodiversity encompasses lots of conditions, such as ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Autism and more.

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Over 73 premises across Preston sign up to tackle hate crime and create ‘safe spaces’ for disabled people

Premises across Preston are set to be made into ‘safe spaces’ for disabled people in an initiative to tackle hate crime.

Preston Police’s Community Cohesion Team is working in partnership with Disability Equality NW to sign up premises in and around Preston to be a ‘safe space’ for disabled people, helping vulnerable people if they feel scared or at risk while they are out and about in the community and need support right away.

More than 73 premises have signed up to the scheme to date, across a range of businesses, including Turtle Bay, Krispy Kreme, Preston Bus Station, pubs, hairdressers and clothes shops.

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Disability Equality NW provides a training pack for participating venues, who also display a circular yellow sticker in their front window as an indicator the building is a safe space and staff inside will offer help, support or even just a chat and a brew.

Mel Close from Disability Equality NW said: “Disability Equality is a disabled people’s organisation, run and controlled by disabled people, based in Preston and providing support services across Lancashire.

Full story here https://www.blogpreston.co.uk/...

Paralympian Robert Tanaka Visits CCUSD to Celebrate Disability Awareness Month

CCUSD students recently heard from Paralympian and U.S. Blind Judo Association team member Robert Tanaka during a special assembly at Robert Frost Auditorium.

Tanaka began studying judo when he was just 5 years old. Being both Japanese American and albino, with blond hair, pale skin and limited sight, he would have been an easy target for bullies. But, he said he can only remember being bullied once, in first or second grade. “I got in one fight. Just one fight my entire life,” he recalled. “It was elementary school, and I threw the kid. And (after that) nobody ever bothered me. But, you know, this sense of not fitting in was always present.”

That feeling of being an outsider is still with him, even at the University of Southern California where he trains but is not on a judo team. “Like going to college, for instance, everything has kind of remained the same. You know, I still have accommodations for my sight. I sit in the front of the room,” said Tanaka, who is a junior studying economics. “No college student wants to sit in the front of the room, right? And then, you know, I kind of still try to fit in as much as I can.”

Full story here https://westsidetoday.com/2021...

It is ability beyond disability for Amina

Teacher Amina Farouk (25) from Ormonde wants to be celebrated and celebrate all other disabled people, as November is celebrated globally as Disability Awareness Month.

The international theme proclaimed by the United Nations for this year is Removing Barriers to Create an Inclusive and Accessible Society for All.

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