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27th September- 3rd October

A Proclamation on National Disability Employment Awareness Month, 2021

When we passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 31 years ago, our Nation moved closer to fulfilling its foundational promise of liberty, justice, dignity, and equality for all. I was enormously proud to co-sponsor the ADA as a member of the United States Senate — a truly bipartisan effort that was personal to millions of families. For more than 60 million disabled Americans, the ADA is much more than just a law. It provides a vital source of opportunity and self-sufficiency, allows for increased economic participation, and serves as a powerful shield against discrimination in the workplace. National Disability Employment Awareness Month is a chance for us to celebrate workers with disabilities and recommit ourselves to dismantling barriers to access and inclusion in the workplace.

Full article here https://www.whitehouse.gov/bri...

EVERYDAY HEROES: Mother of two raises disability awareness in Tahlequah

Nicki Barnes Scott grew up in Moody, moved to Okmulgee to study to be a jeweler, and then returned to Cherokee County to be close to family. She married her high school sweetheart, Justin Scott, and after having two children, she believed that life would be normal.

Within a short period, she received news that would change her life's trajectory.

"About the same time that our son was diagnosed with autism, our daughter was diagnosed with down syndrome," said Scott.

Her children are now 15- and 10-years old, and over the course of their lives they have inspired Scott to be a voice in the community for children with special needs.

"It changed the trajectory of what our future would look like," she said.

When her daughter, Pepper, was two- or three-years old, she attended an early childhood development class for social interaction. This served Scott because it provided the respite she needed as a mother of two children with disabilities, but it also afforded her time to bring awareness to the community.

She decided to launch the Wild West Fall Fest in 2013 and continued it every year until the onset of COVID-19.

Full article here https://news.yahoo.com/everyda...

I’m fed up of people asking me where my carer is

‘Sorry mate, you shouldn’t be driving that car with legs like yours. I’m phoning the police.’

I have cerebral palsy, and clearly this stranger took it to mean I was incapable of operating my vehicle.

He had come up to me while I was getting cash out at an ATM to pay for a takeaway. It was around seven o’clock in the evening and it was pretty dark, which made the whole situation more terrifying.

Anything could happen. He tried to get my keys out of my hand but I used my strongest arm to pull away from his on-coming grasp.

Full article here https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/02...

Home Bargains shopper 'heartbroken' after staff ‘mock’ disability but she has last laugh

Dianna Slade, 37, has Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) which affects the nervous system by sending unnecessary pain signals, triggering chronic fatigue, seizures and hindering the ability to perform everyday tasks.

Ms Slade claims she was ridiculed by employees after struggling to maintain her balance while picking up car mats she had dropped.

She said: “I had picked up these car mats, but with my wobbliness they fell onto the floor in the aisle and flopped onto the back of one of the staff.

Full article here https://www.express.co.uk/news...

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