Access Stair Lift - Amazing Retracting Stairs reveal a hidden lift

Access Stair Lift

Chumleigh College Montage

The Access Stair Lift fits in perfectly with the surrounding environment. View some more of our projects here

By definition and in accordance with the Oxford Dictionary, and access stair lift is a lift in the form of a chair, that provides access either up or down a staircase for someone with walking or movement disabilities. With that in mind, we at Sesame Access do not and cannot provide a customer with a stairlift, as such.

However, that is not a bad thing. A stairlift, according to the afore-mentioned definition, is a highly visible piece of kit that immediately demands the attention of anyone in the near vicinity, and can make life difficult for anyone who is trying to use the staircase without the help of the stairlift. In short, it makes itself useful primarily by detracting from the surrounding features, such as the overall look of the location, the amount of accessible area of the staircase and the level of noise pollution in the household.

But we at Sesame Access would ask, why should access stair lifts be limited to something so ostentatious, something that sticks out like a sore thumb and has the possibility of letting yourself, your neighbours and the dog over the road know when you are going up or down a set of stairs? Moreover, why does a lift have to be in the form of a chair? That would serve only to increase the hassle and difficulty, not to mention discomfort for a wheelchair user who has the desire to go upstairs.

Instead, we at Sesame Access have a desire, a dream and an aim to make the access stair lift become a bespoke, unique and modern piece of irreplaceable kit that can fit perfectly in with the overall look of the property, provide efficient and reliable access for those with walking or climbing disabilities, not excluding wheelchair users, and with minimal noise pollution if any. We at Sesame can design, build and install a completely bespoke and unique access stair lift, ensuring the architectural merit of any property anywhere is left completely undisturbed.

Such a lift can and is a valuable asset for any property, especially listed buildings. With local councils and related organisations, such as English Heritage, being so strict on the maintenance and heavily restricted alteration of listed buildings, many property owners can find it incredibly difficult to provide reliable disabled access, without having to cart a cumbersome ramp to the front steps every time a wheelchair user requires access. This can cause extensive delays and discomfort for said wheelchair user. Instead, we at Sesame Access can provide a wheelchair platform lift involving a retracting set of stairs, allowing for the entrance to be used by the general public when a wheelchair user is not present. Then, once disabled access is required, the stairs retract to reveal a rising platform, transporting the wheelchair user from one level to the next, before returning to a ‘staircase state’ once again, until it is next required.

Sesame Access’ access stair lifts are the most advanced, bespoke and unmatched form of disabled access, and we firmly believe there isn’t a building anywhere that could not benefit from a Sesame Access bespoke lift.


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