Berlin's new law- "Pedestrian Accessibility Law"

Germany have amended Berlin's 2018 Mobility Act. This was passed by the state parliament at the end of January and is the first time a German city has put pedestrian travel on a legislative footing. This law aims to make the cities mobility ecosystem more usable for wheelchair users and the visually impaired.

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Disabled Access

Having Disabled Access is extremely important in todays society where 2 billion people in the world suffer with a disability, 7.9 million of these live in Germany.

This therefore means that making the city of Berlin more access friendly is essential in order to accommodate the needs of their society.

The new law focuses on making the cities mobility ecosystem more usable, ESPECIALLY for wheelchair users.

We have a range of products, all which are suitable for different buildings, whether they are internal/external, staircase/no staircase and are even are adapted to certain countries regulations. E.g our Seattle ADA Lift

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Disabled Access Germany


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