Bespoke Disabled Lift - Retracting Stairs that reveal a Hidden Lift

Bespoke Disabled Lift

Beaumont House Montage

The columns couldn't be moved, so the lift had to be tailored to fit between. Find out what we can do in our brochure

The problem with pre-fabricating a standard unit is that listed buildings do not have industry standard widths, shapes and sizes to their staircases and so will not accept a pre-fabricated unit without creating hazards, for example; finger trap zones.

Our bespoke disabled lifts are made to the customer's specifications. Sesame do not pre fabricate our lifts and sit them on the shelves ready to be shipped off to site. This means that the system can be designed to fit into each site specifically to give the client the best possible finish.

We have in the past designed a project which had two columns sitting 1233mm apart from each other. Westminster planners would not entertain builders moving the columns (goalposts) to an industry standard width, so Sesame had to design a bespoke disabled lift with a width of 1217mm to leave a clearance gap of 8mm between the moving part and the columns.

The distance between moving parts and solid surrounding elements must be less than 10mm or more than 100mm, any distance in between would mean safety edgings would need to be introduced. Likewise, if the gap is greater than 100mm but less than 300mm and crush zones are present then safety edgings will also need to be introduced. Therefore if Sesame were to install an ‘off the shelf’ unit that was 1000mm wide for example, then safety edges would have had to be introduced. A bespoke disabled lift designed to be site specific is the only solution.

The beauty of a bespoke disabled lift is that the lift can be manufactured to be identical to any surrounding staircases, again adding to the effectiveness of the discreet design. If safety edges were introduced then it would make the lift stick out more and would no longer be aesthetically sympathetic to its surroundings. As it is, no one will know the lift is there.

We can provide a touch sensitive pad that can surround the solid, or any moving, edges that when contacted halts the bespoke disabled lift’s movement. While we design this into the surroundings as much as possible this would be an element that would be on show at all times.

Our bespoke disabled lifts are an ideal solution to the problem of creating disabled access into listed buildings whilst retaining the historical integrity of the building and giving the disabled visitor the freedom to move about the building. Having a hidden lift can be the best solution for giving the disabled access to may historical buildings. Visit our Access Lift page to see what makes us so special.


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