Bespoke Lift - Amazing Retracting Stairs that reveal a Hidden Lift

Bespoke Lift

Mayfair Stairlift

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Our bespoke lifts are made to the customer's specifications. Sesame do not pre fabricate our lifts and sit them on the shelves ready to be shipped off to site. This means that the system can designed to fit into each site specifically to give the client the best possible finish.

The problem with pre-fabricating a standard unit is that listed buildings do not have industry standard widths, shapes and sizes to their staircases and so will not accept a pre-fabricated unit without creating hazards for example finger trap zones.

You will see in the photograph that this particular example has two columns sitting 1233mm apart from each other. Westminster planners would not entertain builders moving the columns (goalposts) to an industry standard width, so Sesame had to design a bespoke lift with a width of 1217mm to leave a clearance gap of 8mm between the moving part and the columns.

The distance between moving parts and solid surrounding elements must be less than 10mm or more than 100mm, any distance in between would mean safety edgings would need to be introduced. Likewise, if the gap is greater than 100mm but less than 300mm and crush zones are present then safety edgings will also need to be introduced. Therefore if Sesame were to install an off the shelf unit that was 1000mm wide for example, the safety edges would have had to be introduced. A bespoke lift designed to be site specific is the only solution.

We provide a touch sensitive pad that can surround the solid or moving edges that when contacted halts the bespoke lifts movement. While we design this into the surroundings as much as possible this would be an element that would be on show at all times.

Here you can see the beauty of this bespoke lift is that the other staircases down the road are identical. If the safety edges were introduced on this project then it would make the lift stick out more. As it is, no one knows the lift is there. To repeat comments from the client, when the lift is used, often locals would stop and say they had no idea a bespoke lift sat hidden within the staircase.

Often when thinking about the idea of a bespoke lift you could associate a high cost to that phrase. The Sesame systems are hand made here in the UK using UK suppliers for all of the equipment. With that comes its own cost. However, with that comes the quality and reliability that the client and end user demand. Please select a bespoke lift product from our product range at the top of the home page then request quote.

Please click on the following link to view another example of a bespoke lift on our wheelchair lifts for stairs web page. This page will go on to explain the range of bespoke lifts we offer to overcome a change in levels where the staircase must be left in place and planning officers would not allow modifications to aesthetics of the staircase. Sesames goal is to work closely with the client, architect and sometimes planning officers to ensure we supply exactly what everyone is looking for. Each Sesame system is designed bespoke to each site and to the clients specification.

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