Custom Lift - Amazing Retracting Stairs that reveal a hidden lift

Custom Lift


Our Customs Lifts can be bespoke to any location. For more information on our products, please click here

Whenever you think of a lift, you tend to automatically think of something standard, be it an elevator-type box for getting a person or group of people from one floor to another, or possibly an escalator, a set of permanently rising stairs to do much the same job as an elevator without so much of a wait to use it. Perhaps you may even think of a different type of lift, the process of getting someone from one place to another, if you tend to be the first point of call when your friend’s car breaks or your child has missed the last bus home. Maybe, just maybe you even think of a disabled lift; an ugly looked, overbearing lidless box used to get wheelchair users to places stair users can already reach. Rarely, if ever in my experience, does anyone ever immediately think of a custom lift.

A custom lift may not appear as a massive possibility when it comes to disabled access, with the word custom being attributed merely to the height of the rise, whilst keeping the lift as ostentatious and overbearing as ever. However we would like to think, or rather, we know that custom lift has a much deeper, much more attractive appeal when it comes to disabled access, with the lifts being fully and completely customisable in almost every aspect. In fact, the only real similarities that our lifts have with each other is that they all do the same job and they are all just as efficient as each other.

However, the differences in one of Sesame Access’ custom lifts are almost endless. Each of our clients decide on exactly what they want from a platform lift, a retracting stair lift, a vertically retracting stair lift, a lift with a 1, 2, 3 or more button posts, an automatic swing gate, automatic doors, up to 4 rising barriers on the lift, a rising barrier at the top or bottom, and barrier at both, a forklift style lift and many, many other options with new ideas being developed every single day.

A Sesame Access custom lift is the perfect addition to any building requiring disabled access, and nowadays, buildings that will not require disabled access at any point in their lives are few and far between. In short, we have the perfect completely custom lift for you. We can clad each custom lift in any material, allowing it to match the surrounding environment exactly. We have clad in sandstone, carpet, tiles and even marble in the past to ensure the lift fits absolutely perfectly into its desired location. With lifts all over the country and abroad we have the experience and expertise to provide the perfect lift to ensure your building is entirely disabled-friendly whilst maintaining every bit of its beauty and glamour.

We know that a Sesame Access lift is the perfect lift for you, but if you’re not convinced, please get a little more information about us or have a look at some of the projects we have already completed and installed.


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