Custom Wheelchair Lift - Retracting Stairs that reveal a hidden lift

Custom Wheelchair Lift

Sesame Access Systems specialise in the design and manufacture of different types of custom wheelchair lift. The need for disabled access in many historic and listed buildings is now of paramount importance so that these buildings can comply with the Equalities Act 2010. In most cases of historic buildings, and especially if they are listed, it is imperative that the architectural look of the building is retained – whether the access is to be internal or external.

No two historic buildings have identical dimensions and to comply with British Standards it is necessary to either eliminate crush and/or finger trap zones or to have the appropriate guarding in place. Having a custom wheelchair lift enables the lift to be specifically designed for the location and therefore any potential crush and/or finger trap zones can be eliminated at the design stage. Having guards to protect these zones will more than likely contravene any planning requirements should the building be listed. Additionally they would be an obvious visible addition to any stairway or lift that contains a hidden lift, which would totally defeat the object of having a hidden lift.

Designing a custom wheelchair lift at the earliest stage of any refurbishment will benefit the final design. At Sesame Access Systems our lifts are designed to have gaps of no more than 8mm, therefore eliminating any crush and/or finger trap zones. Sometimes, despite having a custom wheelchair lift, due to landings or stairs already in place it is impossible to eliminate all crush zones. In this case Sesame Access would fit a discreet pressure sensitive switch, or pad, which would halt the operation of the lift should an obstruction be detected. Whilst this solution would not be invisible it would be far more discreet than a safety barrier.

A custom wheelchair lift can be designed and installed in public, commercial and domestic properties. A standard ‘off the shelf’ unit whilst cheap, can look awkward and cumbersome. All Sesame systems are designed and manufactured specifically for each location and by sourcing all materials for as many UK registered and based companies as is possible in order to support the national economy. We also ensure all of the materials we source are of the best quality available for the customers benefit.

The benefits of a custom wheelchair lift are many, but the fact that anyone who needs assistance to travel up or down stairs does not have to use an alternative route is a very positive feature for any building. When not in use the discreet nature of the Sesame Access system means that the architectural integrity of the building is retained – and if there are multiple sets of steps then the set of stairs containing the Sesame Access system will look identical.

Please click the following link and take some time to read through the information on Sesame’s access platform lifts to help learn a little more about Sesame Access and what you can do to help improve disabled access at your location.


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