Disabled Access Lift - Retracting Stairs that reveal a hidden lift

Disabled Access Lift

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The Sesame lift fits in perfectly with any location. To see more of our completed projects, please click here

At Sesame we design, build and install a large variety of disabled access lifts to the clients specification. The lifts are designed often with the architect so to appear hidden from view when not in use. When activated, the steps move away and expose a platform lift complete with rising barriers, safety edging and other useful gadgets giving disabled people an alternative to being carried up a long flight of stairs in order to access public buildings.

British standards used to advise that if the lift rise is below 100omm, a wheelstop encasing the lift edges with a height of 100mm would be safe enough for any user. However, for a disabled access lift with a rise over 1000mm then a barrier that supports all four sides of the lift platform is mandatory and must be at least 1100mm high. The new and latest standards therefore remove the risk from falling off a passenger lift for standing users.

Our disabled access lifts conform to the above standards making them not only easy to use but also safe for all wheelchair users. Being equipped with a press and hold control makes it simpler for the lift to be lowered and raised at a steady rate. In the case of an emergency, a touch sensitive pad is provided. This pad can be attached to the solid or moving edges and makes the disabled access lift stop immediately. While we design this into the surroundings as much as possible this may be an element that would be on show at all times.

A lot of houses have front steps leading up to their front door which can be a major impediment for wheelchair users. The Sesame Access disabled access lift is an ideal solution since it allows for a rising front step which can be raised to reach the front door. This can give the disabled house owner the independence to leave and return to their home without needing to have someone else around to help them up and down the front step. The controls can be wall mounted, lift mounted or even a remote key fob can be used, again giving the user the freedom and independence to come and go as they please.

If you click on the following link you will be directed to a web page on our site that shows disabled access lifts with an inbuilt lift platform. The stairs extend and retract over the platform which houses the rising barriers sitting flush with the lift table.

It has become easier than ever before to get from one end of the country to the other by train, bus or car without getting exhausted of experiencing discomfort. There is some way to go before this is realised when it comes to wheelchair lifts and Sesame Access Systems aims to accomplish this task wholeheartedly, with a mode of disabled access completely unmatched.


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