Electric Chair Lifts - Stairs that Retract to Reveal a Hidden Lift

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Ever since the first lift was invented, man has devised all manners of ways to make it work efficiently and with minimal stress. At first this was limited to pulley systems that required plenty of ropes to be attached to the lift itself and would often require manpower to raise or lower. Archimedes demonstrated that when 2 pulleys were used instead of 1, the weight of the lift would be evenly distributed across the pulleys thus the force required to raise the lift would be halved. This meant that increasing the number of pulleys made it that much easier to work the lift.

A breakthrough was made in the 19th century when electricity was identified and through numerous experiments by inventors such as Michael Faraday and James Maxwell, we discovered that a constant stream of electric power could be generated through magnetic fields and mechanical power.

In the previous 2 centuries, we have been able to identify and harness the power of electricity to great effect. This is possible through the creation of electric generators that produce electric energy from mechanical energy sources. Not only that, but continuous mechanical motion results in a constant stream of electrical energy being generated which is carried through pylons and supplies power to everything from TVs to microwaves to computers.

By harnessing this energy, the creation of electric chair lifts was made possible and resulted in a lift that could function day or night without the need for any physical energy other than having to work the lift controls. Naturally, in order for the electric chair lift to work it has to be connected to an electrical power source, however the voltage has to be within certain limits so that the electric cables can carry the current. The lift also requires sufficient insulation to ensure that the current won’t be conducted through the lift frame.

At Sesame Access, we build and install electric chair lifts for schools, county councils, listed buildings and even people’s homes. All materials that we use are bought from reliable and highly efficient suppliers and thoroughly tested so that they will make the best product possible. These electric chair lifts are built with disabled people in mind as they are often denied the pleasure of accessing such important sites by merely not being able to walk up a flight of steps.

Our ingenious product combines a fully functioning moving staircase with a wheelchair lift platform that is revealed when someone wishes to use the lift. By replacing part of an existing staircase and fitting this product in its place, anyone can use the staircase as normal whilst access for disabled people is ready to be used within seconds of being required. Additionally, the lift doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and but blends in perfectly and seamlessly with the surrounding environment, clad to look identical to the area round about it.

In terms of electric power, we restrict the voltage to around 240V which provides plenty of power to enable the electric chair lift to work efficiently whilst avoiding the risk of electrocution.


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