English Heritage Wheelchair Lift - Retracting Stairs

English Heritage Wheelchair Lift

Too many people think of the historic environment as being inaccessible. English Heritage knows that this need not be the case.

While the needs of disabled people must be the highest priority, English Heritage also knows that easier access will benefit almost everyone at some stage in their lives. Whether during pregnancy, as a parent pushing a buggy, an older person who is finding steps a bit harder to manage, we all value thoughtful and effective designs for our access needs.

There is an English Heritage approved Wheelchair Lift in place at the Stowe in Buckinghamshire. The New Inn opened in the early 1700s as a coaching inn for visitors who flocked to see the magnificent gardens at Stowe. Following an extensive renovation, its doors have re-opened. Today you can get a taste of the past and recapture the heyday of landscape gardening.

English Heritage Wheelchair Lifts that are produced by Sesame Access Systems are designed to be hidden within their surroundings. The historical aesthetics of a building or location are not compromised or spoilt by a lift or ramp permanently on display. The English Heritage Wheelchair Lift at the New Inn, Stowe can be seen on our web page via the earlier link. As you can see when the stairs are in place there is no sign that there is a hidden wheelchair lift in place. However at the touch of a button the stairs will retract revealing the platform and once on board the necessary safety barriers will rise to ensure the user is safely secured. The lift will then rise to the upper landing level where another barrier will have risen to ensure no pedestrians fall onto the lift before it reaches the upper landing level. Upon completion the lift returns to the ground floor level, the stairs return to the ‘at rest’ position and all the barriers lower once more, making the steps readily available for pedestrian use.

Wheelchair access solutions into Listed buildings must be approved by English Heritage, or the Scottish equivalent Heritage Scotland. At Sesame Access Systems we strive to ensure that any English Heritage Wheelchair Lift is fully compliant with all British Standards as well as complying with English Heritages requirements. All of our lifts are a bespoke design and manufacture. Any size, finish and any barrier or gate requirements can be specified – all to ensure that the lift is fully sympathetic to its surroundings.

English Heritage approval is required for disabled modifications to Grade I and Grade II Listed Buildings. In addition, English Heritage is usually consulted on wheelchair adaptations to Grade II Listed Buildings. English Heritage will confirm their approval to Local Councils, as part of the Council’s planning process.

Sesame Access Systems are proud to have several approved English Heritage Wheelchair Lifts installed in various locations of historic importance.

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