Free CPD with certification- Inclusive Environments

CPD stands for continuing professional development. It is important for the fast changing recruiting environment that you stay up to date with the latest legislation and information. We have worked with RIBA to offer a free CPD which comes with a free certificate. This is great for employability as well as general knowledge surrounding the disability environment.

Sesame Access is inviting RIBA Architects and all interested parties to complete a free RIBA Continued Professional Development (CPD) webinar on CPD 07 : Inclusive Environments.

The CPD covers ; current law and context, technical regulations, legislation, best practice, disabled lobby groups, how to make Listed Buildings accessible to all, the role of Historic England, examples of access solutions, planning, detail design, understanding all users, access statements and strategies etc. The CPD also includes a 10 minute presentation from Fiona Jarvis, Chief Executive of Fiona shares her very practical advice to architects and business owners from her experience as a business woman who also uses a wheelchair.

Sesame will issue you a Certificate to confirm attendance for your CPD evidence portfolio.


1. Brew yourself a nice cup of tea, get a sandwich and make yourself comfortable. Put on some groovy headphones.

2. Press play on the video below and watch the CPD. The CPD lasts one hour.

3. Go to the Product Selector tab on the Sesame website to find the answer to the CPD Question.

4. Press the ' Click to receive your CPD Certificate' button, fill in the answer and collect your certificate.

5. Show off your CPD certificate to your colleagues and/or put it on your office wall.


I consider Sesame Access as a perfect example of a company that strives for innovation and social impact. Their British-made lifts are seamlessly merging with the aesthetic characters of any listed buildings. Their weekly CPD webinar on RIBA CPD07 Inclusive Environments (one hour long) is excellent – very informative and I learnt a lot about access for all.

Lorenzo Vianello, Design Director, T&V Architects Ltd


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