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The majority of the Sesame systems are designed, built and installed in commercial buildings such as offices, rented apartments, listed buildings, town halls or even palaces. However Sesame also install home lifts throughout the country.British Standards state that domestic or home lifts should be controlled by press and hold controls where the user keeps a constant amount of pressure on the button to enable the lift to travel. However, this is not always possible and in some cases may involve something a little more customised such as a voice activation sensor.

We offer a range of control setups for different environments from our standard controls fixed at the upper landing, the lower landing and on the lift, to the voice activated controls as stated above. In certain environments swipe cards can be used to switch the lift on. The swipe cards would be issued to each user to prevent unauthorised use. For example the domestic lift may be installed externally at the entrance to a block of flats and open to vandalism, each resident would then be issued a swipe card for private use. The standards in many cases are excellent guides for safety. Press and hold controls are without doubt the safest way to control home lifts. However the safety guides within the standards do not always cover every scenario. In one example the user was only able to press one button. She was therefore asked to keep constant pressure on that one button to enable her domestic lift to work. It was essentially an ON button. However it was wired through our safety stop circuit to give the user maximum control over stopping the domestic lift and to try to keep to the standards safety guides. It was Sesame’s responsibility to present the British Standards guides for controlling the lift to the client so that together we could come to the safest agreed control method of this domestic lift.

In many cases there is simply a call for assistance button at the upper and lower approach to the domestic lifts. The call for assistance button would chime to a member of staff who would meet and greet each user and control the lift for them. This is a dependent domestic lift. This setup is actually quite common when the reception desk is manned during the opening hours or concierges are greeting all visitors. When deciding on the style of Sesame’s home lifts it is important to be aware of the laws and legal requirements surrounding the systems and what amount of space is needed.

Please take a moment to visit our DDA Compliance page to get more information on exactly what is required when deciding whether or not to go with one of our bespoke home lifts for your property. We as a company believe disabled access is a vitally important factor that should be considered at all times. Just because people are wheelchair bound, it doesn’t give them any less rights than the rest of us.


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