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Lift Companies


Our lift was installed in 1996 and is still going strong. View our others here

There are hundreds of lift companies throughout the UK and the world, each professing to offer the best in terms of lift life or longevity, ease of use or efficiency, or maybe even in terms of the speed or style of the lift, something unique to the company, something that shouts out the company’s name. Every lift company in the world will install their lift in the mind that everyone who walks past might be impressed to such an extent that they take their mind off of the rest of the building. That way, they get more customers for nothing and they get them to pay you for the lift, on top of all that. Well, almost every company does that.

What would be ideal is to have a lift company that could offer everything in terms of style, efficiency, longevity, originality and beauty, and yet take absolutely nothing away from the building itself. A lift company that could design build and install a lift that could become part of the building, merge seamlessly into the beauty, style and structure of the building and do nothing that points to the lift company itself.

Well forget about pointing to that lift or that company, now you can point to that building. Your building. Sesame Access is a lift company that strongly believes in disabled access being part of a structure, not a structure being a location for disabled access. That is why we design our lifts to fit in perfectly with the environment. Lifts that can be secreted under staircases, only appearing when needing to be used. Lifts that can hide behind walls, or even in plain side, yet be some of the most efficient, stylish and easy-to-use lifts in the world. With a lift company that guarantees to put the need for disabled access first, you can guarantee you have someone you can rely on for a first class and above lift that promises to provide superb disabled access year in and year out.

One of the first lifts Sesame ever installed, way back in 1996, still runs smoothly to this day, just going to show the longevity of our products. Meanwhile we have installed lifts in many prestigious locations including Kensington Palace in London, the Barbican Centre in London and the Institution of Civil Engineers in London, a site that was used as the International Press Office during the London 2012 Paralympic games, because of the present Sesame Access lifts, which shows the efficiency of the Sesame System. Sesame Access was recommended to a potential client in Edinburgh the the Edinburgh Council Conservation Officer, just going to show how much our lifts fit in with the surrounding environment.

Sesame Access is the perfect, most reliable and most unique lift company in the world, and remains a lift company whose main focus is the wheelchair user themselves. We don’t try and create the best access, we ensure we create better than the best access. Click on the following link for our invisible lift article, to see what we are capable of.


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