Outdoor Stair lift - Retracting Stairs that reveal a Hidden Lift

Outdoor stair lift


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Nowadays, more public buildings are showing an interest in having an outdoor stair lift built within their premises. They are aware that these lifts can drastically improve both the accessibility and popularity of their property. One thing that can hinder any possibility of installing an outdoor stair lift is the fear that any existing parts of a current building will have to be taken down or altered in any way. This is particularly tricky when it comes to Heritage buildings because any potential damage would be catastrophic, and even if that is avoided, any changes must be in keeping with the environment. Fortunately, Sesame Access’ lifts can help you fulfil your duties in complying with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (recently superseded by the Equality Act 2010), as well as being a popular and perfect addition to many listed buildings, public and private alike.

Each lift that Sesame Access builds and installs is a one of a kind without any equals. Our experience in the engineering field has made us aware of the numerous advantages of tailoring each lift to each client instead of hoping that the lift is suitable for the designated location. Each customer can decide what features to include and what to leave out of the final product and this decision making process is reflected in the quotes that we send to the customer. It also makes our engineers’ work easier since we can tell them exactly what each client wants in their outdoor stair lift.

At Little Titchfield Street we installed a vertically retracting stairlift complete with pit trims, a stainless steel skirt, a rising wheel-stop and a rising button box. It consists of 3 moving steps and 1 fixed step, and has been clad in exactly the same material as the surrounding staircase.

In order for the outdoor stair lift to start functioning, the key switch has to be turned on at the button station on the ground floor. The user approaches the staircase and presses the lift button. The moving staircase then recedes vertically and the outdoor stair lift platform emerges for general use. At the same time, the on-lift post rises. After entering the lift platform, the doors will close and the wheelchair user should apply the brakes to avoid any accidents. Once the up button is pressed the surrounding wheel-stop rises; following which the handicap chair lift moves to the upper level.

Once the outdoor stair lift is no longer needed, the stairs raise button permits the lift platform to lower out of sight and the staircase to return to its original position. Once the doors are then unlocked, the stairs can be used again and the lift can be deactivated.

An outdoor stair lift can also bring style and character to whatever building they are installed outside, something that cannot be said about replacement ramps. On top of that, replacement ramps have to be built in an area outside the range of any staircase in order not to build over the steps, whereas our outdoor stair lifts are built in to the existing staircase, thereby providing a dual use for the staircase.


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