Outdoor Stair Lifts - Retracting Stairs that reveal a hidden lift

Outdoor Stair Lift

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Sesame Access Systems are a growing business that is looking to bridge a gap in the manufacturing market, namely the construction and installation of outdoor stair lifts that allow wheelchair users the opportunity to enter public buildings without having to overcome an outdoor staircase that would deprive them of the joy in visiting museums, Heritage buildings and the like. When it comes to parents with children that have walking impediments, they have to search for schools that have ramps or outdoor stair lifts installed, which puts a significant amount of pressure on schools to provide permanent and long-lasting disabled access solutions.

Our work can be considered a natural progression of the Disability Discrimination Act (recently superseded by the Equality Act 2010) that was passed in the UK nearly 20 years ago and as such can help service providers fulfil their duties under the Act. Back then, the goal of enabling the disabled populace to access schools, libraries, train stations and buses had only just begun, the major impediment being that there was often a lack of space to construct easy-access ramps outside these buildings and even when there was room, many of the buildings would have to seek planning permission in order to help make the lives of disabled access users a little easier.

Our outdoor stair lifts are built over a flight of steps and clad in the same material as the steps, meaning that there is always plenty of room to install our lifts and the lift is cleverly camouflaged by the moving steps. All of our outdoor stair lifts are made to order which means that the client can choose which lift elements to include in the final design. Our lifts have been installed outside all types of buildings from town halls, schools and churches to high grade listed buildings such as Eton College and Kensington Palace. We are dedicated to preventing crush zones or finger traps between parts and as such ensure that they have gaps of no more than 8mm wide, minimising the possibility of accidents.

One such example is the lift that we installed at Premier inn in Leicester Square. Our client called for a retracting stair lift system complete with 3 moving steps and 1 fixed step. It was fitted with a wheel-stop, push button stations on the top and lower level, an automatic gate mechanism and an emergency switch button. We delivered each component of the lift to the lift pit, making sure that the pit was clear of any impediments and then installed the lift on site, ensuring the cladding was properly applied once it was fitted into place. Whilst the lift is inactive it remains concealed under the moving steps, until the call lift button is press, at which point the steps start to move backwards into the building behind. The wheelchair user can then move onto the lift platform and press the up button to enable the lift to rise to the upper level. Once it has reached the upper level, the wheelchair user can move off the lift.

Our outdoor stair lifts come complete with a 1 year, one service warranty on a standard contract and we are always available to service your lifts to ensure that they can last for many years.


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