Passenger Lift - Amazing Retracting Stairs that reveal a Hidden Lift

Passenger Lift


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At Sesame Access we design, build and install a large variety of passenger lifts to the clients specification. The lifts are designed often with the architect so to appear hidden from view when not in use. The passenger lift shown in these photographs was specifically designed in line with the latest publication of the British Standard BS6440:2011.

Prior publications of the British standard BS:6440:201 stated for passenger lifts with a rise below 1000mm, a WheelStop protecting the edges of the lift to a height of 100mm was sufficed protection for a wheelchair user and accompanying standing pedestrian. Prior publications then went on to state however if the rise is above 1000mm then the passenger lift should be protected on all four sides by a barrier. This standard allowed for common sense in the use of the passenger lift. The latest standards now actually state that for any rise over 300mm, if a user is standing on a passenger lift then the lift table must have barriers 1100mm in height to fully enclose the user. The new and latest standards therefore remove the risk from falling off a passenger lift for standing users.

The passenger lift seen in these photos has three rising barriers that automatically rise from the lift plate to fully enclose the user on all four sides. Obviously the riser wall and upper landing gate acts as the protection for the user from falling off the front of the lift. The top of the rising barriers have a touch sensitive pad that can be clad in the clients specified material. When the barriers are rising if the pad is touched the barrier will reverse back down, wait for a timed period then attempt to rise again.

When the passenger lift is rising the touch sensitive pads can also act as sensors to stop the user from being trapped under surrounding crush zones. Likewise the passenger lift floor sides can have the same style touch sensitive pads to stop any crushing between stationary and moving parts.

This is a passenger lift to the definition. As stated above, the barriers fully enclose the user. Therefore people who are standing are protective from falling off. If a child were to try to climb over the barrier the touch sensitive pads the passenger lift would stop in its motion.

Passenger lifts are usually associated with elevators. However Sesame are looking at redefining the term passenger lifts. We believe that with all the new products we are bringing to the market and with the on-going development we are making that we will succeed at this. If you click on the top blue bar on our home page you will open up an e-booklet showing the vast product range we are currently offering.

An access wheelchair lift would be defined as a lift that would not necessarily transfer standing pedestrians from one level to the next. This is due to the lack of protection around the lift. Please click on the following access wheelchair lift link to view this style of lift with its description.


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