Platform Lift - Amazing Retracting Stairs that reveal a Hidden Lift

The Sesame bespoke platform lift


A large part of the stage is a massive Sesame Lift, with three different height levels (more of our projects are available here)

Each Sesame lift is bespoke to each site and every Sesame lift will include a rising platform, with the retracting steps being the optional feature. When steps are not needed within the design, the platform itself will usually remain on show at all times, with one or two exceptions. However this does not mean the lift will stick out like a sore thumb. Just as in the case with the retracting stairs, the platform lift can be clad in material to match its’ surroundings. Each lift can vary hugely in size (our largest is almost a whole stage), with the minimum being 900mmx1400mm platform size to help ensure all wheelchairs can make use of it. Otherwise the size can be completely bespoke to suit the site, stone size or architects’ specifications.

The bespoke platform lifts can even take advantage of an indoor balustrade, turning one of the panels into an automatic gate, coming into effect only when the lift is being used.

For more information on our lifts and their extras, please visit our lift page


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