Wheel Chair Lift - Amazing Retracting Stairs that reveal a hidden lift

Wheel chair lift


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Out of all the devices invented to make every-day life less stressful, few inventions have had such an impact as the wheelchair. For disabled people who have difficulties in walking either due to disease or injury, wheelchairs are something that they can’t do without in order to get around and still maintain a somewhat active lifestyle.

Historians can trace the first usable wheeled furniture as far back as the 3rd century BC in ancient China when the wheelbarrow was invented. Not only was it used to carry heavy goods around but it was also sturdy enough to transport people as well. It wasn’t until the late 15th century that similar inventions were used in Europe, but it was only around the 18th century that wheelchairs became more widespread. The Bath chair was an example of a wheelchair built in the form of a carriage, made with 3 or 4 wheels for motion and could be either propelled by the user or drawn by horses.

Nowadays, wheelchairs are made from lighter materials making them easier to move around and widening their popularity among people from all walks of life. Even so, wheelchair users have a hard time entering into many buildings due to the entrance steps built in front. Ramps have been a useful replacement but come with many unfortunate constraints as to where they can be installed. This is where Sesame Access’ wheel chair lift comes in.

Our expertise is in constructing a wheel chair lift that is concealed behind a moveable staircase. This staircase is also part of the wheel chair lift and is clad in such a way that it complements the architecture of the buildings in which it is installed. We can source all types of stone or other materials to ensure that the staircase blends in naturally. When the lift starts working, the stairs retract and the wheelchair lift platform appears in its place. The user friendly button post enables the wheel chair lift to rise or lower at the push of a button.

When a customer orders one of our lifts to install in a public building, we advise on the ideal size and shape of the wheel chair lift, what additional features are available, how the finished product will look and so on. This removes the risks of unwanted gaps in the lift, lack of space and other inherent risks associated with ‘off-the-shelf’ lifts. With our common sense approach to building wheelchair lifts, you can be assured that the lift will be a welcome addition to any public building.

We build, design and assemble every wheel chair lift at our warehouse just outside of London and with the experience and expertise of our engineers in building these types of lifts making the installation process as smooth as it can be.

Our outdoor stair lifts have already been installed in places such as schools, town halls and even galleries. It can often be hard to tell that any alterations have been made because of the resemblance to the architecture, but when the lift is activated it is clear how ingenious these wheelchair lifts can be. For some examples, please check out our projects page.


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