Wheelchair Lift Platform - Retracting Stairs that reveal a Hidden Lift

Wheelchair lift platform

There has been a big trend in offices and public buildings of creating more modern working environments by building larger and brighter canteens, introducing more modern technology and customising office desks. With the numerous ways of arranging space within an office building, businesses now have more of a choice on how to arrange desks to create the ideal working conditons. Open plan offices allow for many workers to sit side by side and provide an ideal space for interaction, it has also been shown to ameliorate the productivity of workers. On the other hand, cubicles with partitions between desks are designed for a greater amount of privacy when working on an important assignment, with desk seats positioned away from any potential distractions.

One product that has been harder to install in modern office blocks is wheelchair lift platforms, mainly due to the standard size and shape of these devices. In many offices there are numerous space constraints and the process of deciding how to allocate space efficiently can take a long time to complete.

When it comes to businesses employing disabled people who are able enough to work, this leads to a difficult situation if they are unable to access the building or get to their desk due to the staircases inside or leading in to the building. With the introduction of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, recently superseded by the Equality Act 2010, more offices have been improving their building layout in order to avoid such situations. One way this has been happening is by installing short rise ramps so that wheelchair users can move around easier.

However, Sesame Access Systems’ wheelchair lift platform can be installed outside any office block or inside the premises, even for offices with small hallways where it wouldn’t be possible to have a wheelchair ramp fitted. All that needs to be done is to remove part of an existing staircase and install our lift in its place, which is then covered by a moving staircase, clad to look identical to the staircase previously removed. This is possible since the Sesame wheelchair lift platform is attached to numerous moving and fixed steps. These steps are fixed immediately above the wheelchair lift platform such that when the lift is secured in place and the steps are in their standard position, the wheelchair lift platform is out of sight. It is only after the steps have fully retracted that the wheelchair lift platform can be seen and used by wheelchair users.

Every customer for which we install these lifts can decide how they want the lift to be clad so that is resembles the previous staircase flawlessly. The cladding could be made out of stone, wood or even carpet and makes the wheelchair lift platform look just as elegant as before, sometimes even more so. These lifts are generally designed to be used by one person at a time and are fitted with wheel-stops and/or rising barriers to ensure that the wheelchair lift platform user is fully secure when the lift moves up or down. By looking at Sesame Access’ web wheelchair lift platform options, you can find a product that would greatly improve accessibility for everyone.


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