Hidden Wheelchair Lift - Amazing Retracting Stairs that reveal a Lift

Hidden Wheelchair Lift


A bespoke, modern and beautiful looking example of a Sesame Access Hidden Wheelchair Lift. For this and more examples, please visit our projects page.

Why would there be a need for a Hidden Wheelchair Lift? There are many listed properties that have been converted for both public and commercial use. To comply with The Disability Discrimination Act 1995/Equality Act 2010 it is necessary for these properties to have access for all people regardless of their disability. However as a listed building the aesthetic design of the building cannot be compromised.

At Sesame Access we design and manufacture hidden wheelchair lift systems that are fully compliant with the above Acts whilst maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the building. All of Sesame Access’ lifts are bespoke; meaning that they can be adapted to all types of surroundings whilst also being entirely suitable for the intended purpose. Usually the only clue to there being a hidden wheelchair lift would be the presence of operating buttons on the landing (more information on our lifts page.

There can be raising wheel-stops, barriers and button posts on the hidden wheelchair lift that enhance the safety of the on-lift passenger whilst maintaining the discreet nature of the lift when not in use. Any gates and barriers on the landing areas can also be made to blend into their surroundings, or to rise from the floor when the lift is in operation.

The example of our Arkwright House lift in Manchester highlights the benefits of a hidden wheelchair lift. There was a need to create a wheelchair access system for a Grade II listed building overlooking Parsonage Gardens in Manchester. A dramatic office refurbishment required planning permission from the local council but approval relied heavily on a suitable disabled access solution being sought. A discreet five step rise hidden wheelchair lift system was suggested, fully satisfying the council’s requirements. The Sesame system’s unique ability to merge seamlessly with its surroundings thanks to retractable steps and invisible wheelchair platform lift meant the look and feel of this architecturally significant building was retained. This was crucial to planning permission for this modernisation being granted.

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