Lift Stairs - Amazing Retracting Stairs that reveal a hidden lift

Lift stairs


Sesame provide bespoke lift stairs, prefect for any location. To see more of our examples, please click here

Lift stairs typically consist of a handrail with a track attached to it or a foldable platform with a flight of steps on top of it. These stairs are operated mechanically and are controlled by a button post that can be fitted either on the lift or in any other convenient place. By pushing the call lift button, the steps move away horizontally and a platform lift emerges from underneath. Once the user is on the lift platform and the wheelchair brakes are applied, they can reach the level above by pressing the lift up button. For lifts that have to rise over 1m, a rising barrier surrounding the platform area provides a secure environment for the user. We can also fit the lift with wheelstops which serve the same purpose.

At Sesame Access, our lifts are designed to replace ordinary stairs by fitting a set of movable lift stairs which would allow another way for people to move up and down from one level to another. While this may appear to be a far-fetched idea that has loads of inherent risks, our team of engineers are experienced in replacing existing flights of steps and installing these high-tech lift stairs. What’s more, the finishing and cladding that we apply to these lift stairs means that the new stairs take on the same colour and shape as the surrounding steps, you would never tell that any reconstruction has happened at all!

As mentioned above, Sesame Access’ lift stairs are installed in public locations as stationary lifts, usually replacing part of the entrance steps. The beauty of this bespoke lift is that the lift can be manufactured to any pattern and design, again adding to the effectiveness of the discreet design. If safety edges were introduced then it would make the lift stick out more and would no longer be aesthetically sympathetic to its surroundings. As it is, no one will know the lift is there.

For example, we installed one such lift at Devonshire Street. In order to get the lift fitted we asked for a sufficiently large lift pit to be dug. Once Sesame were assured that the pit was cleared, the lift was delivered to site in several pieces and lowered into the pit. The pit was then levelled off and all parts were bolted into their proper position. They fitted the electrics and hydraulics into the pit and put the button station into place. After the lift was secured into position, the lift was cladd into order to make it look as neat as possible. As well as being fitted with horizontally retracting lift stairs, wheel-stops and rising barriers, it also has an emergency stop button fitted in case any lift difficulties arise.

We specialise in manufacturing disabled chair lifts that are tailor-made for each client and have been approved by British Heritage as providing a welcome addition to Grade I and Grade II listed buildings, particularly since British Heritage are eager to encourage disabled people to visit these sites. Please visit our hyperlinks for more information on our outdoor stair lifts.


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