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Lifts have been a welcome addition to buildings ever since they were first invented in the late 18th century. Ivan Kulibin had one installed in Russia’s Winter Palace as far back as 1793 and Britain found them invaluable for moving bulk items from one level to another with minimal effort, particularly in the steel and coal mines. This was a vast improvement on the previous situation where workers had to carry heavy loads on their backs in order to supply the country with natural resources. Unlike today’s designs, these lifts were powered by steam and were a big reason for the UK’s manufacturing dominance during the industrial revolution and into the 20th century.

However, these lifts were merely for carrying important goods and it wasn’t until 1857 that the first passenger lift was invented in New York. Many people were worried that these devices were completely unsafe to use and it was with these fears in mind that the first elevator shaft had already been designed 4 years prior. The famous American inventor and industrialist Peter Cooper argued that a cylindrical shaft was the safest and most effective shape for a lift shaft, which proved to be the case.

Ever since the Roman age, people were inventing gadgets to create leverage using the power of water, heat and steam. Archimedes’ screw indicated that a simple screw enclosed in a cylindrical tube could bring water up from the ground and irrigate the land as well as providing water for those in need. Similar inventions were created throughout the Middle Ages and were the genuine precursors of the modern day lift.

By contrast, outdoor stairlifts have been around for a far shorter period of time primarily due to the fact that all of the above designs were for indoor or underground use. There is a massive demand for outdoor stairlifts as a result of more people using wheelchairs than ever before and the passing of the Disability Discrimination Act (recently superseded by the Equality Act 2010) giving disabled people the right to a fairer share in the modern world.

At Sesame, our outdoor stairlifts are equipped with the most advanced technology required to accommodate all kinds of disabled people and our gate system ensures that they can withstand the elements and still maintain their functionality. These outdoor stairlifts are built to comply with British Standards and we make a point of keeping up to date with these regulations. Our clients are aware of this which gives them full confidence in our lifts.

We don’t have a set outdoor stairlift for each site, our clients have the freedom to customise the lift to their specifications. This includes the lift rise height, the number of steps and additional items such as button posts, automated gate mechanisms and safety railings. Our outdoor stairlifts can be built and installed in anything from 3 weeks to 2 months depending on what the customer requires. Our lifts have been installed at County councils, art galleries, office buildings and churches amongst other sites. Please visit the hyperlinks for more information on our stair lift prices.


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