Retracting Stair Lift - Retracting Stairs that reveal a Hidden Lift

Retracting stair lift

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Stair lifts are inventions that have come into greater prominence in recent years as a result of businesses having to accommodate for a growing number of individuals who have walking difficulties. They can be seen in many shopping centres around the country, allowing wheelchair users the freedom to travel around any store during a weekend trip to the shops. Wheelchair users have also installed such lifts in their homes providing them with a stress-free means of travelling from ground floor to the first floor or to replace any steps up to the door or throughout the building in general.

Hotels have also noticed the benefit of installing such lifts in order to attract disabled people to stay. These devices have a knock-on effect, as a higher level of wheelchair accessible accommodation results in a higher level of general tourism. Installing them at airports and on airplanes means that more disabled people have the freedom to travel abroad, knowing that they can find accommodation with disabled lifts.

By contrast, the retracting stair lift is an invention that is still in its infancy, nevertheless it has and is already drawing from its huge potential. Its primary purpose is to allow people to either walk up a flight of steps or travel by lift using the same product. As you may well guess, the retracting stair lift has moving steps that can recede into the supporting wall in case someone wishes to use the lift. Once the steps have fully retracted, a lift platform is revealed, complete with surrounding barriers, wheel stops and gates. All of this can happen at the push of a button. This dual purpose invention means that even when the lift is not in use, people are still able to use the staircase, saving a lot of valuable space for the client.

At Sesame Access Systems, the retracting stair lift is our piece de resistance which has already generated a large amount of interest from museums, schools and listed buildings. Listed buildings are a perfect example of the difficulties faced when trying to source reliable, long lasting and efficient wheelchair access. Due to the prestigious nature and historical significance of such buildings, any local councils are very sceptical about altering their structure or appearance, and understandably so. However, the Sesame lifts are clad in material to completely mirror their surroundings, allowing the lifts to blend in perfectly. This cladding can be made out of stone, wood or even carpet to help make it look exactly like the existing structure.

All of the lifts that we make are custom made for each client, with all types of add-ons available that make each lift unique. In short, the client is in control of how they want the lift to appear and what size it should be. Our engineers are well trained in manufacturing these stair lifts, making us the ideal team you require for having a retracting stair lift installed.


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