Wheel Chair Lifts - Retracting Stairs that reveal a Hidden Lift

Wheel Chair lifts

Across the UK, more and more is being done to recognise and allow for the higher number of wheelchair users every day. This rise has as much to do with debilitating illnesses that people can suddenly develop as with general living conditions or severe accidents. One example of a condition that confines its sufferers to wheelchairs is muscular dystrophy; this condition is a result of genetic malfunction and causes the gradual weakening of muscular tissue. This disease can pass from one generation to another and has no known cure, meaning that once they start using a wheelchair they will continue to use it for the rest of their life or until a cure is found. Other disorders that wheelchair users suffer from include cerebral palsy and MS.

When it comes to disabled people being able to drive around, use public transport or access public buildings, there should be no room for prejudice or judgment since they should have the freedom to enjoy life and enter buildings that the general public can access. This is the message that Sesame Access are getting across with their wheel chair lifts designed to make it straightforward for disabled people to enter museums, galleries, schools and other public and private buildings that include a staircase. We see this step as the next great step forward from the historic Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act that were passed in 1995 and 2010 respectively (with the latter superseding the former) which addressed these above issues.

The process of installing our wheel chair lifts consists simply of removing a section of any staircase and installing our solution in its place, which will include a section of staircase that looks identical to the area of staircase removed. Our engineers have a lot of experience in building and installing wheel chair lifts, ensuring they are perfectly suited to the task.

Naturally, people may be reluctant to digging out a pristine part of any building especially if its replacement appears unattractive and inappropriate for the premises. Fortunately, Sesame Access are able to clad our wheel chair lifts in the exact same material as was used on the existing staircase and avoid leaving any wide gaps. Passers-by often fail to notice that the staircase has been altered in any way until the lift starts moving.

These lifts have also been built into people’s homes and make it simpler for wheelchair users to move around their house without needing any extra assistance. The ability to climb up a flight of stairs up to the front door can be too difficult for many disabled people, but Sesame Access’ wheel chair lifts have moving stairs that can recede and reveal a simple lift platform which can then aid them in the journey from one level to the next. No longer need a wheelchair-bound civilian be stuck inside a house that is unsuitable for them.

It is hard to regard wheel chair lifts as being stylish or funky, but Sesame Access’ cladding gives these lifts an appeal that is sorely lacking in the standard lift. This appeal is a big reason why our lifts have been installed in town halls, galleries and schools, as well as many other building, listed and non-listed, public and private. Find out how we can transform your property in just the same fashion.


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