Wheelchair Access Lift - Retracting Stairs that reveal a hidden lift

Wheelchair access lift


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It is now quite usual to find a wheelchair access lift installed in a public place, this can come as no surprise. Improvements in construction mechanisms and the continuous search for better materials has led to countless designs for lifts, with many examples completely hidden within walls such as dumb waiters. These advances mean that lifts have a greater longevity than what used to be the norm, requiring fewer repairs to ensure that it stays in tip-top shape.

Nevertheless, designs for wheelchair lifts are very much in their infancy, with most designs being used for lifting people in and out of ambulances or at train and bus stations where it would not otherwise be possible for a wheelchair user to travel. The possibility of having a concealed wheelchair access lift that is hidden by a flight of stairs and that can be used for either purpose might be far-fetched, however, it is already happening and at Sesame Access we aim to show our clients the numerous advantages that these types of wheelchair access lift can bring.

A wheelchair access lift suits disabled people better since a possible side effect of not being able to walk properly is a noticeable lack of upper body strength, particularly after having recovered from a serious disease or suffering a stroke. For a wheelchair user, pulling themselves up a ramp can require a lot of effort; therefore the ability to access buildings using a press control saves the wheelchair user a lot of unnecessary exhaustion. Another benefit of the wheelchair access lift is that it can be concealed within any environment, even when it comes to Grade I or Grade II listed buildings. Examples of the buildings that we have installed lifts in can be seen on our projects page.

Additionally, the fact they can carry up to 350kg makes a wheelchair access lift invaluable for moving other items around as well, and in public buildings and workplaces they can also be used to move other items on wheels such as loaded trolleys or sack-barrows – although if there are no barriers on the lift it cannot be used for any standing passengers. One of the many aspects of Sesame Access Systems that sets it apart from its competition is that every lift that we make is unique in itself. We are aware that every client that we install lifts for has their own criteria to meet, and with the numerous additional features that we can install, including but not restricted to control posts, wheel-stops, barriers that rise up from the floor and automated gates, it would be unwise of us to roll out a standard wheelchair access lift prototype for each customer. Moreover we have to ensure that the stair lift that we are installing is the correct size and shape for each site, thus the choice between an off-the shelf lift and a custom fit lift is really a no-brainer. Custom made lifts are the way forward and Sesame Access is leading this movement with their electric stair chairs.


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