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UK Gov Disability Research Report Of 2021

In a 14,491-respondent survey held by the UK Government, disabled people were asked to share their experiences of the Disability Unit to help form the National Disability Strategy. The survey was conducted from 15th January to 28th February 2021. These data can be used by various disabled person-friendly industries like stairlift companies. When looking for stairlift prices, the discrepancies vary with the quality of materials and build.

Seventy-four per cent (10,780) of the respondents were disabled people, 18 per cent were as carers (2,600), and 8 per cent were members of the general public (1,120).

Eighty-seven per cent of the disabled respondents were aged 16 to 64 years old, and the rest were 65 and older. Twenty-seven per cent of them were male, which was an underrepresentation because the total males make up for 45 per cent of the disabled population in the UK.

Seventy-three per cent of the disabled respondents had physical or mental conditions relating to mobility, which lasted or is expected to last for 12 months or more. Fifty-seven per cent had an impairment related to mental health, 54 per cent had impairment related to breathing, fatigue, or stamina, and 53 per cent had an impairment related to dexterity.

The survey is seen as an important part of gathering insights to develop the National Disability Strategy because the responses will provide better solutions and ways to make life a lot better for disabled citizens. It will also provide critical insights into perceptions, discrimination, employment, education, housing, leisure, shopping, and public services.

Public perceptions of disabled people were seen as a significant barrier to participation in employment and education. The majority of disabled respondents said that attitudes towards them were not helping improve life for them. These findings emphasise the need to increase awareness of disabilities, improve how people deal with them, and ignite social changes across the UK.

Half of the respondents said that they were worried about being insulted or harassed in public places and being mistreated because of their disability. The Government suggests stronger measures to tackle these types of discrimination and hate crimes.

Disabled people also said that they lived in homes that were not fit for their mobility needs. They cannot live independently or get care easily. Some said that they needed to make significant changes to their homes in order to meet those needs.

One in three of the respondents said that they had difficulty accessing public spaces. It was challenging for them to go to various buildings because they lacked the proper toilets or ramps. This is why it is important that stairlift companies receive support and endorsement from the Government.

Shops, restaurants, cafés, and bars need to provide access and make improvements to their facilities to make access a lot easier and faster. High street corners also need to be more accessible for disabled people.

Many carers of disabled people have also experienced difficulty in accessing buildings, but what was notable was that these buildings were ones that offered important public services. The Government is urging for better accessibility in the soonest time possible, for example, in putting more services online.

Just one in ten disabled UK residents agreed that they are getting the proper educational opportunities to thrive in society. More support is needed to help disabled children and young people reach their potential through the educational system and in support of their transition to adulthood.

When asked about what improvements they wanted, three points were predominant. Respondents asked for better financial support. Disabled people, carers, and a number of members from the general public asked for simplified access to financial support as opposed to the challenging processes and appeals presently in place. Carers said that this would also significantly improve their lives.

Accessible housing was another main concern for carers and disabled people. They said that fully adapting their homes will make their lives easier and improve their overall quality of life because of the independence and safety it would bring. Factors that make it difficult is the high cost of housing and the lack of availability for access.

On the other hand, carers said that having more appropriate accommodation and having the proper equipment and accessibility features would significantly improve their lives. The faster adaptation and the provision of accessibility equipment will prove to be very beneficial to them.

Finally, the respondents said that improvement to the benefits system would be a welcome change for both disabled people and their carers.

Disabled people said that reform in the benefits system would encourage them to place more trust in the Government and would demonstrate compassion. According to suggestions, this can be accomplished through an easier and clearer process that has clear instructions and a proper support system. They also asked for less frequent reviews, especially for those with long-term impairments.

Disabled people also called for better coordination between the Government employees and the doctors who give the evaluation. Increasing benefit payments to reflect a living wage was also raised, as this would also improve their lives.

Improving accessibility to public spaces was a particular concern. The respondents said that improving footpaths and the availability of dropped kerbs can be beneficial to disabled people and carers. They also asked to prevent cars from parking on pavements, reduce the height of steep cambers, and ensure that there is no street furniture.

The members of the general public chimed in, saying that designers of public buildings should consider accessibility as one of their top priorities.

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