Windsor Accessible Lift In Chelsea

Chelsea is an affluent area of South West London, bounded to the south by the River Thames. Residents will often have their own access if needed into their properties, and would want an accessible lift that is seamless and blends into their property. This accessible lift does this.

Minimum horizontal pit length -500 mm

Minimum platform size -1 633 mm x 1 065 mm

Maximum rise -2 999 mm

Minimum pit depth below lower landing -700 mm

The Windsor Accessible Lift has handrails and a gate that sit 1100mm high allowing for standing and seated users. The lift table can be made to accept any cladding material, the thicker the cladding the deeper the pit depth.

Nominal Platform dimensions for this accessible lift can vary due to site requirements. However, they are more than or equal to:

1633mm (l) x 1063mm (w) 0 – 2999mm (h)

The Lift has an automatic gate at the upper landing to protect the fall hazard that is created when the stairs retract.

The Windsor Mobility Lift can come with either bellows to reduce the pit depth or a solid stainless steel skirt below the lift


Windsor Accessible Lift In Chelsea

Accessible Lift In Action


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