Taking ‘Bespoke’ to a new level in Knightsbridge, London

Titchfield Stairlift 1091

In May 2014 Sesame installed their new innovative ‘vertically retracting’ Sesame lift in a prestigious five-star property of serviced apartments located in the heart of Knightsbridge.

The Sesame lift is a 6-step, vertically retracting Victoria style Stairlift with automatic doors on the upper landing, a rising barrier on the lower landing and 4 stylish glass panels, two on each side of the rising platform.

Beaufort Hotel

Before the installation could begin the original steps had to be removed to make way for the metal frame that would house the new cladding. This frame also housed all of the hydraulic and electric workings underneath the new staircase, with the vertically retracting stairs removing the need for a horizontal pit depth.

Un-clad stairs

Once the new frame had been fitted the lift was put through a number of tests including 50 complete cycles to ensure everything was in good working order. Combined with the testing in the workshop before transport to site, Sesame lifts are put through a minimum of 200 complete cycles before being commissioned.

With the frame in place and running smoothly, the Terrazzo stone was specially cut and fitted into the bespoke ‘pockets’ on each riser, service hatch and side stair profile, causing the lift to merge into the façade of the building. Once fully fitted the lift was put through another phase of testing to ensure the extra weight of the stone didn’t affect the workings of the lift. Each lift is very finely tuned to ensure the mechanism doesn’t operate if it senses a weight that could put the workings under a dangerous level of strain. This means Sesame must take into account the cladding as well as the required ‘Max. Lift’ weight when designing the system.


With all the cladding completed and the lift working smoothly, the final piece was slotted into place. This consisted of four glass barriers, two on each side to the platform, to prevent users from tipping off either side of the platform whilst using the lift.

Once completed the lift was put under a final intense period of testing before being signed off, certified and handed over along with a 12 month warranty, to ensure that any ‘teething’ problems the lift had could be ironed out straight away.

“I saw Sesame Access as a very professional company when dealing with the installation and commissioning of the lift.” General Manager


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