Ramp or Lift?

Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments as to be usable by people with disabilities. In England ramps and lifts are the most popular forms of disabled access. However, even in the 21st century not all buildings provide disabled access to visitors with special requirements. This often means disabled people miss out on many opportunities which abled people get to experience.

Ramps must be carefully designed in order to be useful. In many places, laws effect a ramp's minimum width and maximum slope.

In general, reduced incline rises are easier for wheelchair users to use and are safer in winter weather conditions. However, most ramps consume a lot of space and require the user to travel a fairly long inclined slope to reach the top. This is very unpractical and for some wheelchair users can be an extremely challenging process. Therefore, our disabled access lifts allow the user to access the building with ease and dignity

In many countries, wheelchair ramps and other features to facilitate universal access are required by building code when constructing new facilities which are open to the public. However, even in today’s world, not all buildings and facilities provide disabled access to their visitors. This means disabled users are missing out on opportunities and often if there is disabled access it is challenging to use and can be embarrassing to ask for it/use.

Our disabled access lifts are bespoke and can be designed and manufactured to the specific requirements of any building. We install globally and, in both homes, and public places. We also offer a variety of product types, for example, fully enclosed platform lifts and invisible retracting stair lifts are just two to name from our product range. Depending on the building and the requirements will depend on the lift types available for the project.

Ramps will always be the cheapest and quickest disabled access solution. However, this does not mean they are the most practical option. Listed buildings in the UK often do not allow external changes to be made, this includes a ramp. Therefore, our lifts are ideal for installing into listed buildings where they meet the exact requirements. See this lift we installed into Middleport Pottery, which is a grade II* listed building. https://www.sesameaccess.com/a...


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