Sesame Access hosted Samford University USA undergraduates

Sesame Access hosted Samford University USA undergraduates

A delegation of Samford University USA undergraduates visited Sesame Access. The students are majoring in Law and Medicine, but they are also studying Kinesiology (the study of human movement) during a semester in London.

The pupils learned about Sesame Access after seeing a video of our access lift at the Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel in London. The students wanted to visit Sesame Access to learn more about the organisation and its approach to implementing accessible solutions.

The trip to visit the Sesame Access workshop & The Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel

Sesame Access invited the students for a tour of the workshop where the access lifts are designed and manufactured, in West Byfleet. The following week Sesame Access arranged a viewing of the access lift at Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel so the students could see the lift in person. This visit was accompanied by Alex Vasquez (Online Content Creator for human rights), who’s video of the Sesame Access Lift at the Kimpton Fitzroy, has received over 25m views worldwide. The students questioned Alex about his thoughts on accessibility and how young people navigate the world and their social life while using a wheelchair.

Kimpton Fitzroy also kindly gave us a tour of their beautiful hotel, including the statue of ‘Lucky George’, whos brother ‘unlucky George’ sunk with the Titanic.

Educating the next generation on accessible solutions

Alison Lyons (Director of Commercial Development) says ‘Sesame Access really enjoyed the visit by the Samford Students. It is great that Kinesiology is now a degree subject as it will educate the next generation on the importance of accessibility. The students questions were insightful and showed their dedication to become well educated surrounding accessibility.

Sesame Access want to give a huge thank you to Alex Vasquez for helping to educate the students on all of the challenges faced by people with disabilities. Alex is an incredibly powerful advocate for change and we look forward to seeing what else he achieves. And thank you to the Kimpton for showing us round the many accessible locations in your beautiful hotel. It’s great that accessibility is driving London tourism and is empowering people with disabilities to be able to live their best life.’

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