My building is Grade I listed and is 100 years old. Surely I can’t modify my building to fit a Sesame Access lift?

All lifts require Planning Permission from the building’s Local Council. In addition, the Council will refer the application to English Heritage (or Heritage Scotland) for modifications to Grade I, II* and Grade II Listed Buildings.

English Heritage (and Heritage Scotland) do not promote or endorse individual products, as they are completely independent. However, they are very supportive of modifying Listed Buildings to incorporate high quality and architecturally pleasing wheelchair access solutions. See for yourself.

English Heritage has given approval for Sesame Access to install their lifts in many Grade I, II* and II buildings throughout the UK. In addition, many Councils have issued planning approval for Sesame Access lifts, including Westminster Council, London. So a precedent has been made.

If you need to apply for Planning and Heritage permission, we can help by giving you examples of similar lifts that have been approved previously. Which should help your application.