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"In Edinburgh, in the heart of the new town and in the shadow of Scotland’s most famous castle, lies the A-listed Gayfield estate."

The Sesame Access hidden lift in Gayfield Square, Edinburgh has been featured in the Radio Times ahead of the 9th episode of 'Building Dream Homes' due to be streamed on BBC 2 at 6:30 tonight (Thursday 12th June 2014).

The article tells of the renowned author and Oxford University Lecturer, Angelica Goodden searching for suitable and reliable access into her Category A-Listed property. Angelica suffers from MS, but is still very mobile. She has a heavy electric bike and needed help getting the bike up and down the stairs to her property. She also wanted to future proof her home incase she needed to use a wheelchair in the future.

The article goes on to tell how a Surrey-based lift company (aka Sesame Access) teamed up with architect David Blaikie to provide the perfect solution; a vertically retracting 3 step system that combines hydraulics, electrics and designing genius to turn stairs into platform, platform into lift and finally back to stairs again.

We at Sesame Access have the perfect solution to combining historic aesthetic wonder with modern technical genius to create a beautiful yet practical, futuristic yet historic means of access, creating excellence through innovation.

Enquiries to Alison Lyons, Director of Commercial Development, Sesame Access Systems Ltd [email protected] 01784 440088

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