Top 12: Steve Wilkinson founder of International Wheelchair Day

wheelcahir steve

Steve Wilkinson, nicknamed ‘WheelchairSteve’ was born with Spina Bifida, ensuring he would never have complete or free use of his legs. He spent much of his early childhood in and out of hospital, starting school at the late age of eight, yet still obtaining the correct grades for advancement into a grammar school, as no local school would accept him due to his disability.

Steve has dedicated his life to motivational speaking and inspiring people to accept that, whilst you may have what you may see as disadvantages, you should never give up, and in no way are your dreams impossible to reach. Steve is the founder of International Wheelchair Day, with the very first of its kind being recognised on March 1st 2008. He chose this date as it was the birthday of his late mother, his driving force and inspiration throughout his younger years, and the person from which his ‘can do’ attitude originates.

WheelchairSteve is a shining example of how you can use your differences to inspire those around you and teach people all over the world about yourself, about the troubles you go through and about how, although you may be slightly different from those around you you are by no means alone.

WheelchairSteve lives by the motive, ‘If I can do it, so can you!’, and there isn’t much he can’t do.

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