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Angelica on her bespoke lift for The Scotsman

Angelica Goodden and her bespoke Sesame Access lift hit the news in multiple Scottish publications once again after it emerged that she has taken the difficult decision to move away.

Angelica suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and has commissioned the lift to help her access her beautiful Grade A Listed Georgian property in Edinburgh, Scotland. However, it has since emerged that due to her condition worsening, Angelica will need to move South and closer to her family for additional support. Nevertheless she is determined to keep her independence and, in a quote to the Scotsman newspaper stated, "I don't want to give up and when wheelchair-bound I intend to wheel myself everywhere".

Angelica, referring to the Sesame lift as a "work of art" and the "best use of money I've made in my life", feels that the lift will be a "marvellous aid" to the right buyer.

Sesame Access Managing Director Steven Lyons upon hearing about Angelica's decision said, "Angelica is a strong, independent lady and an absolute pleasure to work with. It's a real shame she has to leave her lift behind but we know that she won't be leaving her independence with it." Referring to the lift itself, Steve said "The lift will be a wonderful asset to the next owner of the property. We expect all the lifts to last for many years with regular servicing. Our oldest one to date has been working beautifully for over 18 years!"

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