Brexit Stair Lifts in the EU

Brexit Stair Lifts in the EU

So what does it mean for Sesame Access Systems’ stair lifts at large?

There has been uncertainty up to now regarding Brexit.

As of 15/11/2018 Theresa May at Downing Street confirmed that, ‘’a ‘Draft Withdrawal Agreement’ and ‘Outlined Political Declaration’ has been agreed by the cabinet’’

In the 585 page withdrawal agreement, it indicates that there is to be a new UK-EU customs arrangement.

This has yet to be approved by Parliament and with a flurry of resignations this morning it is not clear this will go ahead.

However, what is clear from the EU is that Donald Tusk - The President of the European Council earlier this morning stated:

‘I will do everything to make this withdrawal agreement the least painful for you and us’.

We may take from this that the UK Government and the EU are to keep business channels open.

Regardless of the views people hold on Brexit and whatever the outcome, at Sesame we think all agree that whenever there is a change in life no matter how big or small, a little preparation can go a long way.

That’s why we want to re-assure our friends at home and abroad that we have prepared for any outcome.

Some of our preparations include measures we have already adopted naturally as an international business such as:

  • -Having Sesame offices and staff based in the UK, EU and Australia with stair lift design, manufacture and install experience
  • -Existing Global relationships and installations on 6 continents
  • -Adhering to British, European, American Lift standards and Australian compliance as seen by our Mayfair stair Lift in the Sydney Opera House
  • -Our materials for the UK are sourced in the UK
  • -We have adequate stock levels for the foreseeable future

Our motto here at Sesame Access is to strive to give you,

‘The Freedom to go wherever you dare’…

So during and after Brexit, whether it be Paris to Prague or Lisbon to Łódź and you ask us, ‘can I buy a stair lift from Sesame Access?’

We would just like to re-iterate, of course you can,

‘it’s Business as Usual’


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