FCDO 8-Year Disability Inclusion and Rights Strategy

Report: FCDO 8-Year Disability Inclusion and Rights Strategy

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) promotes the United Kingdom’s national interests and positions the UK as a global force for good. It promotes British citizens’ interests, protects the UK’s security, reduces poverty, defends its values, and works with international partners to address global challenges. Stairlift prices in the UK are an investment towards a more accessible future. When comparing companies, stairlifts prices will vary based on the features and build.

Many individuals and organisations contributed to the development of this strategy. The active involvement of FCDO’s civil society partners, as well as people with disabilities and their representative organisations, is especially appreciated.

Between October and December 2021, the FCDO held external consultations with more than a hundred organisations in the global disability movement. They have held eight country-based meetings in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. They also participated in four regional training programmes and workshops, facilitated by the International Disability Alliance (IDA) and the African Disability Forum, that brought together a variety of Organisations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) from across Africa, as well as one virtual consultation, facilitated by the Commonwealth Disabled People’s Forum, that brought together OPDs worldwide.

According to the Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, Liz Truss MP, the United Kingdom is one of the greatest places to reside. However, with one out of every seven people worldwide having a disability, everyone has work to do to advance the rights and freedoms of people with disabilities.

Truss said that the United Kingdom is proud of its track record of accelerating global progress on disability rights. A new movement began in 2018 when co-hosting the first Global Disability Summit. Later, the UK Government released the National Disability Strategy in July 2021, recognising the UK’s critical role as a global leader in disability rights.

The Disability Inclusion and Rights Strategy of the FCDO support the United Kingdom’s ambitious approach to working with and for people with disabilities. Looking ahead to 2030, the strategy outlines how they will continue to make significant progress following the 2018 Global Disability Summit and Disability Inclusion Strategy.

It reaffirms the Government’s commitment to being a global leader on disability inclusion in all of their development and diplomatic endeavours. Their work is guided by British values and principles of liberty, autonomy, and dignity, and it is in line with FCDO priorities.

They will continue to highlight the benefits of inclusive democratic institutions and, where appropriate, assist partners in developing more equitable, inclusive, and accountable systems. To guide their work and their partners, they will promote the practical implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), to which the UK is also a signatory.

They also advocate eliminating stigma, discriminatory and exclusionary beliefs, practices, laws, and structures that prevent those with disabilities from participating fully and equally in society.

As a result, building owners need to find companies like Sesame Access Systems that offer high-quality stairlift equipment to provide access for those who need it the most. Stairlift prices in the UK vary per provider. But these installations should be treated as investments toward a better future for everyone.

FCDO has a vision and key outcomes for 2030, with the aim that persons with disabilities from all walks of life – including under-represented groups – are empowered, engaged and encouraged to exercise their full rights and freedoms equally with others while banishing discrimination. They also see persons with disabilities as important decision-makers and a crucial part of society in all areas of life, including development and diplomatic efforts.

They are looking to take concrete actions toward the key outcomes for people with disabilities to realise the vision. These fall under the categories rights, voice, choice, and visibility, the descriptions for which are as follows:

  1. Persons with disabilities in all their diversity can fully and equally enjoy all their RIGHTS and fundamental freedoms.

  2. Persons with disabilities have a greater VOICE through full and meaningful representation, participation, and leadership in society and representative organisations.

  3. Persons with disabilities have more control and CHOICE in their economic, political, social, and cultural lives.

  4. Persons with disabilities have greater VISIBILITY through comprehensive, quality data and evidence, enabling more responsive programmes, policies and systems.

These four categories are critical to their disability inclusion efforts. The FCDO will incorporate them into their diplomatic influence, programmes, and global leadership.

To combat exclusion and discrimination based on disability, the FCDO will support the creation of inclusive institutional environments by 2030.

They will lead innovation in scaling up best practices to reduce stigma and discrimination against people with disabilities through their work programmes.

Assistive technology plays a crucial role in their FCDO vision. Wheelchairs, prosthetics and orthotics, spectacles, hearing aids, and digital devices are examples of appropriate accessible and affordable assistive technology (AT). The prices of stairlifts in the UK may also be affected as establishments and even listed buildings demand such innovative technologies to be installed on their premises to provide persons with disabilities with easy access.

They will continue to support ATscale, a global collaboration to catalyse action on AT, to reach 500 million people with life-changing AT by 2030. They want to use mobile and digital technologies to bridge the disability divide by connecting excluded people to education, jobs, finance, and markets, as well as giving marginalised people a voice.

Staff at the FCDO want to improve their skills and expertise through knowledge-sharing, learning forums, and networks. They’ll focus on human rights violations, coercion, negative attitudes, discriminatory norms, policies, laws, and practices.

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