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Person using a Sesame Access vertical platform lift

Chair lift for stairs

The future of wheelchair access is looking brighter than ever before, with the major obstacle of the difficulty in accommodating wheelchair users in public buildings due to a lack of available space for ramps being completely removed. Instead, it is now possible to combine the practicalities of a wheelchair lift designed for people that have walking difficulties with a fully functional mobile staircase. This invention is Sesame Access Systems’ chair lift for stairs that can easily replace an existing staircase without damaging the surroundings or being considered an unsightly add-on to a prestigious landmark.

One of the chair lift for stairs that Sesame Access have installed is at Folgate Street and consists of 3 moving steps and 1 fixed step, 2 control pads on the upper and lower landings complete with emergency stop buttons, rising barriers and a rising button box attached to the lift itself. All of the parts are made out of stainless steel making them easy to mould into the required shape whilst being very strong and able to withstand corrosion.

As with all of our chair lift for stairs, we designed and built all parts for the lift in our warehouse in Byfleet and once everything was built, we dismantles the lift, transported all of the parts to the site and re-assembled it all in the lift pit on site. Once all the parts were correctly assembled, we tested the lift to ensure that the chair lift for stairs was completely safe and ready for commissioning.

One of the best features of this creation is that while the lift is not in use, it is completely concealed beneath a staircase, making the area safe and usable for the general public. When the lift is activated, the staircase recedes slowly into the rear supporting wall and the lift platform comes into view. All that is required is for the wheelchair user to move onto the platform and press the lift buttons for the lift to move.

This is merely one example of the huge variety of completely personalised chair lift for stairs that Sesame Access Systems have installed in public and locations. These include schools and churches, town halls and even a palace. We also ensure that every lift we make is unique to its setting, all modifications and features are left to the customer to decide. Once the lift design is formalised, the client can decide how to clad the lift so that it fits in naturally to its setting.

As you can imagine, it can be hard for museums or hotels to run the risk of losing potential visitors if disabled people find it too tricky to travel up a long staircase to reach the entrance. By installing our chair lift for stairs, those worries will be a thing of the. As such, we have received a large response from areas all over the country and abroad because we can provide exactly what they are looking for and ensure they are at the forefront of reliable, responsive and efficient disabled access.


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