Disabled Access Into Listed Buildings - Listed Building Lift

Disabled Access Into Listed Buildings

Sesame Access lifts are perfect for Listed Buildings and iconic properties. Our Clients require beautifully finished, high quality, reliable but invisible wheelchair lifts; which protect the architectural integrity of the building. We love working with Architects - they give us all our best ideas! You decide what you need, and Sesame will work with you to make it a reality.

The Equality Act

The Equality Act legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society. It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand and strengthening protection in some situations. It defends employees and the public's right to not be discriminated against when interacting with their employers, public services, businesses, transport, clubs and associations, and public bodies.

However, despite this law being introduced, listed building regulations still prevent changes being made which affect the aesthetics of the buildings. This has negative impacts on those who require wheelchair access as listed buildings can often not install ramps or lifts due these regulations.

We have found the solution...

Therefore, we (Sesame Access) have designed and created a solution to this problem and offer a range of lifts which are suitable for listed buildings. These lifts are hidden when not in use and therefore do not effect the aesthetics of the building; complying with regulations.

Sesame is passionate about British Manufacturing and Engineering. All our bespoke lifts are designed specifically for each building and are hand made by our talented engineers in our workshop in Surrey. Our world class design team have an obsession for innovation and design, and we believe we are at the cutting edge of what's possible for disabled access solutions. Our dream is that any person has the freedom to access any building, without barriers.

Sesame was also honoured to have won the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2016 and to meet The Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Our Lifts suitable for listed buildings

Sesame Access offer 5 lift types which are all suitable for listed buildings.

These listed building lifts include:

  • Platform List with rise less than 1000mm
  • Platform Lift with rise greater than 1000mm
  • Short Rise Retracting Stairlift
  • Horizontally Retracting Stairlift rise greater than 1000mm
  • Vertically Retracting Wheelchair Lift

The type of lift used will depend on the type of building, the space available and the clients budget.

Platform List with a rise less than 1000mm

British Standards have different rules for lifts with rises less than 1m and lifts with rises greater than 1m. Rise is defined as the change in level from lower landing to upper landing level. Platform lifts with rises less than 1m either require no wheel-stop or a wheel-stop of 100mm.

Our Wembley Stair Lift is the product which we have designed to meet these requirements and can be used for disabled access into a listed building.

Platform Lift with a rise greater than 1000mm

British Standards requires platform lifts with a rise over 1000mm to be fully enclosed, ie the wheelchair user must be protected by a barrier which surrounds them by 1100mm. We make these barriers discreet by having them rise magically from below lower landing level, to safely protect the passenger.

All Sesame Access barriers have a patented safety mechanism, whereby the barrier will immediately reverse if it hits an obstacle e.g. a foot.

The Sesame lift that meets these requirements is the Richmond Rising Platform Lift

Short Rise Retracting Stairlift

Sesame Access Systems Ltd has a patented range of retracting hidden lifts which can be successfully used in Listed Buildings. Sesame lifts have been approved by Historic England and Historic Environment Scotland, in many Listed Buildings across the UK.

The Sesame lift can be clad in whatever material the Client and Architect requires, e.g. stone, marble, wood, carpet. Each Sesame lift is built bespoke so can incorporate features to compliment the building e.g. LED lights, designed to work around historic pillars in the building etc.

Sesame Access have designed the Kensington Stairlift to meet these requirements.

Horizontally Retracting Stairlift rise greater than 1000mm

Sesame also manufactures retracting stairlifts for rise greater than 1000mm. These are fully enclosed to comply with British Standards.

The Sesame Access Westminster Equality Act Stairlift in the video below is at Knock Basilica, Co Mayo Ireland. The specification was to install a discreet wheelchair lift into the circular alter, clad in marble, but the steps had to be flush and plumb when retracted (to avoid finger traps).

Vertically Retracting Wheelchair Lift

Where space under lower landing level is restricted, Sesame Access has designed wheelchair access solutions which fit into limited spaces.

This vertically retracting wheelchair lift only requires 200mm space behind top step riser.

This Sesame lift was installed in a private residence in Edinburgh and was featured in a BBC2 Architect's documentary called Building Dream Homes.

This lift had to be designed to integrate with the sloped pavement to the property. The Client wanted the upper landing step to be big enough for her heavy electric bicycle to be transported. The Sesame lift was linked to the Client's front door, so the front door opened automatically when the lift is safely at upper landing level.

The Edinburgh Access Lift was initially designed to meet these requirements.

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