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The Peoples Lift

The Peoples Lift

The 'Peoples Lift' is our newest product which incorporates the key elements for reliable and modern disabled access in a way which is cost effective to private individuals in private homes.

Sesame Access have worked with many architects to install disabled access lifts into prestigious buildings which provide access for many. However, we had lacked in an affordable design which accommodated the needs of private individuals for their homes.

We have however installed an Edinburgh Stairlift into a home in Scotland (see video below). This lady designed the lift so her bike would fit and therefore she could take it in and out of her house. We also installed a disabled access lift into a home for a paraplegic wheelchair user. This lift was voice activated whereby the user would talk to their wheelchair and this would instruct the lift to take him up/down.

Although we have installed lifts into private homes, the design was complex and less affordable for members of the public. Our new 'peoples lift' is still as reliable and innovative as any of our other products, but the design is simplified which ensures the price point is more suitable for the public.

Edinburgh Stairlift

When designing affordable disabled access it is important to maintain a high standard of quality and make it with the users needs in mind.

Things that are important when designing private residential disabled access are

  • Ensuring the user can operate the lift alone
  • It can be used for standing and seated users if the steps are taken away completely
  • It is good quality and will not fail on the user
  • It meets all required disabled access lift laws and regulations
  • It meets the individuals needs and they can use it with ease and confidence

Seamlessly blended

Our products are known to seamlessly blend into any building, including listed buildings. This ensures the disabled access is available for visitors but does not affect the aesthetics of the building. Our greatest example of this can be seen below...

Westminster Equality Act Stairlift In Ireland


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