Westminster Equality Act Stairlift In London

This bespoke disabled access stairlift was installed into a beautiful 5 star hotel in central London. This stairlift is hidden when not in use and the staircase is in full use. Disabled access in this hotel is essential due to the variety of visitors they accommodate throughout the year.

The hotel Is said to be a "five star luxury hotel, located a stone’s throw away from Covent Garden. It is one of London’s most historic and cherished buildings that holds more hidden stories than any other kind in London. Where tradition and history meets modern luxury. One of a Kind"

It is therefore essential this building and other similar buildings include disabled access into their building in order to offer all visitors an equally outstanding experience.

Our stairlifts are bespoke and are suitable for listed buildings, therefore they can be designed and installed into any building in the world.

If you want more information regarding out stairlifts or have a building you are working on which requires outstanding disabled access please call us today on 01784 440088

The Westminster Equality Act Stairlift is a set of horizontally retracing stairs with a rising barrier at the upper landing, and three on-lift rising barriers.

Minimum horizontal pit length

1 200 mm

Minimum platform size

1 738 mm x 1 250 mm

Maximum rise

2 999 mm

Minimum pit depth below lower landing

1 800 mm


The Lift

The Westminster Equality Act Lift uses three automatic rising barriers that rise 1100mm on the lift to fully enclose the user. For more information please click on lift barriers.

The lift table can be made to accept any cladding, the thicker the cladding the deeper the pit depth.

Nominal Platform dimensions for this lift can very due to site requirements. However they are more than or equal to:

1738mm (l) x 1250mm (w) x 0-2999mm (h)

Please see The Lifting Actuator for more information on the mechanism used to raise and lower the equality act lift.

The Stairs

The Westminster Equality Act Stairlift can accommodate up to 21 stairs, or a total rise of 2999mm.

Please see the retracting stairs technical page for more information.

The Upper Landing Barrier

The Westminster Equality Act Stairlift houses an automatic rising barrier at the upper landing to protect the fall hazard that is created when the stairs retract.

Please see Upper Landing Barriers for more information.

User Type

The Westminster Equality Act Stairlift is for seated users and standing pedestrians.

Please see on lift barriers for more information.

System Requirements

The Westminster Equality Act Stairlift can comes with a solid stainless steel skirt below the lift. Please see concealing the underside of the lift for more information.

For details on the power supply please see the lift power supply.

For general details on the pit depth please see the lift pit.

If the surrounding area presents a crush zone the lift table can be fitted with safety edges to detect an obstruction. Please see Crush hazards surrounding the moving lift for more information.

Please click on the The Sesame Stair Lift Controls for more information on the controls for this style of lift.

Variations to the Westminster Equality Act Lift

The on-lift left and right hand side rising barriers can be replaced with permanent handrails that rise and lower with the lift as seen here: Whitehall DDA Lift.

If there is not enough pit space for the stairs to retract horizontally then the Seattle ADA Lift allows for the stairs to retract vertically.

If the pit depth is an issue then the on lift rising barriers can be replaced with rising handrails and a gate as seen here: Cambridge Part M Lift.

If it is a platform only lift for standing and wheelchair users then the Pimlico Lift may be the solution.

Westminster Equality Act Stairlift

“ Sesame Access has revolutionised step-free access by showing that it can be creative, versatile and sexy, and can be installed in modern to Grade I Listed buildings. As a mathematician, I absolutely love the Sesame lifts! ”

Sophie Christiansen, eight-time Paralympic gold medal champion, first-class degree mathematicion and works as a statistician for Goldman Sachs.


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